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idontgno's Journal: Maybe I'm just an HTML idiot.. 1

Journal by idontgno
But why does slashcode seem to have problems with ampersand-entity characters? I can't insert a Euro character to save my life.

Witness: €

Shoulda been a Euro character there. I bet there wasn't. Now, some seem to work: < for less than, > for greater than.

Perhaps it's my Mozilla settings? No, it shouldn't matter, because I seem to see Euro signs on other websites OK. I don't get it, and it seems kinda unfair to have to type out "Euros" when talking about European economic issues when I can just hit "$" for American (and Canadian, and Australian, and a few other) money.

Is there a kind soul who can explain which amp-entities work, and why the others don't?

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Maybe I'm just an HTML idiot..

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  • Nearly all "special" characters - that includes accented letters... U <= should have a grave over it - are stripped out to prevent... well, I don't know what they would prevent, but to prevent something, presumably. I think it started with the &nbsp; use of page-widening trolls.

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