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Comment Probably (Score 1) 600

White lines let you make an assumption that any oncoming traffic will be on their side so you can boot on regardless. Same with traffic lights, if you get rid of them traffic flows better but you have to be more careful navigating the junction. If you do have traffic lights people plough on without looking because the light has given them the go ahead

Comment $100m? (Score 4, Interesting) 65

What do they spend these millions on? Taking ludes on a superyacht in the Bahamas?

It is just a service that takes in bits of plaintext and spits them out to multiple users, most of them are using an app so no huge bandwidth cost (although still not as efficient as it could be) there is no valid technical reason for it to cost 100's of millions. A system like Twitter could be completely decentralised and P2P based and nobody would have to spend any extra to run it, the corporation behind Twitter doesn't serve any purpose as far as I can tell.

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