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Comment Probably a better way to learn how to code (Score 1) 173

There will be no compiling pages of copypasta one does not know the meaning of and after writing the program they'll actually remember how to write it rather than just remembering what to type into google to find the required stackoverflow answer with the snippets they're looking for.

Comment Fun uber fact (Score 3, Funny) 124

Uber secretly hates its drivers, and is dieing to replace them with bots. Its founding members can't wait until the day Uber becomes a fully autonomous moneymaking machine and they can live a life of endless hedonism on the Bahamas while being fed a constant supply of effortless funds

Comment In Soviet Russia, TV watches YOU! (Score 1) 232

With camera-enabled smart TV's this cheesy slashdot joke is coming back to haunt us, expect more usage of the camera by TV channels to give you better targeted advertising and make sure you watch it. They'll have a nice 100-page privacy policy which basically entails a live videostream going to their HQ and them agreeing not to have real people watching it.

The usual "but you'd have to pay so much more for the quality programming you're getting" argument will be trotted out to anyone who dares to criticise.

Comment Re:Stackoverflow didn't invent buckethead programm (Score 1) 171

Buckethead programming was what we were told in college, "copy these few lines of code, get I2C to work! Bobs yer uncle!" No emphasis on understanding what a function does and its different uses. If you asked this lecturer something he would bluff his way around it, because he himself didn't know.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 2) 352

Once a big happy opensource community project gets too big or successful infighting and and "telling the user what they want" become an irresistable temptation for too many, particularly for those not at the coalface and who have floated up towards a more managerial role.

Comment Not GPS but some silly mapping application (Score 0) 131

Probably Google Maps for Anderhoid as that's what people generally mean when they refer to GPS. The title is very misleading, I thought this was about GPS receivers overestimating the distance they are from a given GPS satellite, which would lead to much the same location but far below sealevel (assuming it is overestimating each satellite by the same amount)

Comment In Ireland third party insurance will be required (Score 1) 108

Maybe not now but when this law is revised. After that annual airworthiness testing, certification. Drone operators will be required to pay €200 to listen to some guy telling you not to fly a drone into a child walking down the street.

You'll be able to meet all these requirements by handing over a tidy sum of money to companies set up by friends of the politicians bringing in these drone laws. This is how Ireland works. Behind every law there is a backhander and a gravy train.

Comment Re:Gassholes (Score 1) 735

Cabin-dwellers are evil now? I would have thought that they were the environmentally friendly types that we should all aspire to be. For one, their cabins are made from local materials, if they hunt and grow veg they aren't dependent on industrial and tractor-based food production. Even if they run an average size diesel generator for a few hours a day they probably still burn less fuel than your average stereotypical suburban 'mom' does with her SUV or people carrier going to and from Mal*Wart

Comment Thermometer accuracy (Score 2, Interesting) 735

How accurate were the thermometers they used in pre-indistrial times? Even now most temperature sensors are +/- 1 Degree C or worse. For a few quid you can get something that is accurate to +/- 0.2 degrees, provided you have it installed properly and it's only guaranteed that accuracy for the first few years after it's made (Sensirion sht75 for example)

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