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Comment $100m? (Score 4, Interesting) 65

What do they spend these millions on? Taking ludes on a superyacht in the Bahamas?

It is just a service that takes in bits of plaintext and spits them out to multiple users, most of them are using an app so no huge bandwidth cost (although still not as efficient as it could be) there is no valid technical reason for it to cost 100's of millions. A system like Twitter could be completely decentralised and P2P based and nobody would have to spend any extra to run it, the corporation behind Twitter doesn't serve any purpose as far as I can tell.

Comment Re:Turn it off. (Score 1) 112

You'll be able to track real people as soon as some hipster startup paid RESTful API company from The Valley starts providing this service. They will gleam this information from Apps, some ISPs will bury a provision in their T&C that allows them sell this information to the said hipster company. Static MAC addresses are bad news in this big brother-infested world. It was grand in the 80's and 90's when a machine sat on a private LAN and never left it and 'big data' was a twinkle in someone's eye but those days are gone unfortunately

Comment Telegram (Score 5, Insightful) 92

"Companies can pay to reach users" - well that's going to send a lot of users reaching for Telegram and other apps. Do these big corporate f*cks never learn, it's all fun and games when the company is young and full of hipsters giving away this hip new product for free but when the corporate magnates come in and try to milk their userbase for what it's worth it's usually game over.

Comment Big corp. execs think they're clever (Score 3, Interesting) 329

Swapping out products for an almost identical-looking Chinese copy made to order by some outsourcing factory. They think they'll be able to super-size their profit margins and people will keep buying their stuff. What they don't realise is that any old fool can order generic tools from China for pennies and their hollowed-out "design"-only office-based tool manufacturing company won't serve a purpose any longer.

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