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by icebike (#48225895) Attached to: Recent Nobel Prize Winner Revolutionizes Microscopy Again

I like how smartass respondents like to gloss over confirmations in their own reference as if they didn't exist, and wouldn't be caught.

Phototoxicity often occurs upon repeated exposure of fluorescently labeled cells to illumination from lasers and high-intensity arc-discharge lamps. In their excited state, fluorescent molecules tend to react with molecular oxygen to produce free radicals that can damage subcellular components and compromise the entire cell. In addition, several reports have suggested that particular constituents of standard culture media, including the vitamin riboflavin and the amino acid tryptophan, may also contribute to adverse light-induced effects on cultured cells. Fluorescent proteins, due to the fact that their fluorophores are buried deep within a protective polypeptide envelope, are generally not phototoxic to cells. However, many of the synthetic fluorophores, such as the MitoTracker and nuclear stains (Hoechst, SYTO cyanine dyes, and DRAQ5), can be highly toxic to cells when illuminated for even relatively short periods of time. In designing experiments, fluorophores that exhibit the longest excitation wavelengths possible should be chosen in order to minimize damage to cells by short wavelength

It wasn't the light that was toxic you idiot.

It was the fluorescent molecules added to the specimen, and
constituents of standard culture media,
nuclear stains, dyes, etc.

Light itself is not toxic. Read reverseengineer's response

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Nobody transfers video to POTS, so it hardly matters that you are unaware of such.

TOX really didn't re-invent the wheel. They simply re-deployed the original concept of Skype, with public nodes located via Torrent-like technology and encryption keys that are in the hands of the client, and unknown to the nodes or anyone else. And they did it with open-source code.

As to why they did it, you would have only to review what Microsoft did to Skype and who they did it FOR to understand that Skype is totally backdoored, and unsafe to even have on your machine. There is no way microsoft will ever recoup the price they paid for Skype. Someone else footed the bill for them.

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Uninstall Skype Install any one a dozen open source package that do the same thing.

Works on almost any IP network, without any major configuration and allow you to make free calls to many and cheap calls to many networks. Please name that package? I've been looking for years. for private person to person calls voice and video calls.

Any number of SIP packages with a carefully selected SIP provider for direct calls. CSipSimple for instance.
Jezus even Google Hangouts on Android and Iphone provided direct connect and video calls either free or cheaper than skype for calls to POTS.

How can you have been looking for "years" and not found any of these? Just how hard have you been looking AC?

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