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Journal Journal: First journal friends

Okay, so this is pretty boring stuff here. Horray for me as this is my first journal entry.

Main purpose: to annouce my new "friend" Mattintosh. I've seen someone else's journal where every new friend or foe got an explination of why they changed status. I figure my friends deserve the same. It's similar to something I've seen on Xanga, too. Not that I Xanga much, either; but my wife does [roll eyes] ;)

So today's new "friend" is Mattintosh, who made what I consider to be a very insightful comment regarding the poor state of online resources for fix-it-yourselfers like many of us slashdotters are. I know too well the frustrations of looking for obscure error codes or simple library functions that should be published everywhere, yet somehow take 20 minutes of searching to find even exist

[/end rant] That's all. Greetings, by the way, to all my previous friends and fans :)

EDIT: Hm, not sure how to handle additions -- i hate to add a new journal entry for it, so I'm just editing this for the moment, until something smarter occurs to me.

Today I added redsilo as a friend because he knows about what causes hay to catch fire (I was raised on a farm)

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