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Comment Work Remotely (Score 1) 464

For the vast bulk of my career, I've worked remotely. This lets me get paid in Northern VA dollars without paying Northern VA prices. Effectively it's a 25% income boost. The only extended job search I had was when I worked on-site for a company as a contractor for 4 months while I looked for a permanent position working remotely. I actually live about 90 minutes from Northern VA (Fredericksburg, VA) so I can go in if I have to, but the houses are still half the price.

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 1) 291

Well, we still have to figure out a good way to get rid of coal fired power plants, that task alone is probably going to take a good chunk of those 80M people. If you had 80M people building windmills and solar-thermal plants you could get rid of coal worldwide in less than a generation, maybe even produce enough excess power to have everyone use a BEV. That would be a significant good to everyone on the planet and the primary reason we don't do it today is cost, but cost is just a way of measuring labor so if you have a bunch of available labor the cost should be reduced.

Comment Hospital Security sucks (Score 1) 116

In the 90's, I worked for a hospital that shall remain nameless. Their billing system had a root password of "Superman", and the vendor (on whom they leaned for everything) wouldn't let them change it. They also assumed phone lines were secure (which is a joke.)

I'd imagine things are better now, but there was really a total lack of security awareness at that time.

Comment Re:Not bad, but still not there (Score 1) 34

The A9 isn't that far ahead unless you want to focus only on single core metrics. The only metric with a significant margin is multicore FP and nobody really cares because you'll pass any tough FP off to the GPU and the 810 is already about 75% as fast as the A9 in Manhattan offscreen so doubling GPU performance would give it a significant lead (but that's not a given since I haven't seen anything about the GPU being double). This really shouldn't be a surprise since they're similar core architectures on the same process node with nearly the same transistor budget so performance shouldn't be drastically different.

Comment Re:OS/2 is still alive? (Score 1) 262

A little over 10 years ago I did a project for IBM where we took a PS/2 running OS/2 and a Netvista running Windows and replaced the HDD and doubled the ram in the Netvista and the new image ran OS/2 in MS VirtualPC 1.0. The client was a large mortgage originator and the cost to build and certify a replacement package in all 50 states was going to be into the 8 figure range so continuing to run OS/2 was by far the cheaper solution.

Comment Re:9,000 apps? (Score 2) 123

Yup, the financial services wing has been under-performing the manufacturing part of the company since 2007 and because of GE's size they were going to be labelled a systemic risk by the Fed which would have brought a huge amount of auditing and capital requirements that would have further dragged on the company.

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