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+ - Should post secondary education be subsidised by the government?

Submitted by
i_ate_god writes "The province of Quebec, Canada is gripped in a crisis sparked by the government's recent decision to increase tuition by over $1600 over the course of 5 years. Quebec has the lowest tuition in North America, and even after the increase, will still be one of the cheapest places to get a decent education. Is university an absolute right? Is it absolutely necessary? How far should the tax payer go to subsidise post secondary education?"

+ - Configuration through command line or UI? 2

Submitted by
i_ate_god writes "Ask Slashdot: What do people here prefer, or what experiences have they had, when it comes to configuration of an application? Are people more comfortable using a user interface to configure an application or are they more comfortable using a command line to edit configuration files? Are there cases where one solution is better than another or should an application support both?"
Hardware Hacking

+ - Ask Slashdot: Home hard drive storage 1

Submitted by i_ate_god
i_ate_god (899684) writes "I download a lot of 720/1080p videos, and I also produce a lot of raw uncompressed video. I have run out of slots to put in harddrives across two computers. I need (re: want) access to my files at all times (over a network is fine), especially since I maintain a library of what I've got on the TV computer. I don't want to have swappable USB drives, I want all hard drives available all the time on my network. I'm assuming that, since it's on a network, I won't need 16,000 RPM drives and thus I'm hoping a solution exists that can be moderately quiet and/or hidden away somewhere and still keep somewhat cool. So Slashdot, what have you done?"

+ - What are the biggest hurdles for a mars mission?

Submitted by
i_ate_god writes "Maybe I'm grossly under estimating the scope of a mission to mars, but in all honesty, what are the real hurdles that makes it so complicated? Technology wise, we've landed on the moon and have had two orbiting permanent space stations. We can take off and land on Earth and on the Moon. So whats so difficult about Mars? Go up, fly to Mars, land, go back up, fly to Earth, land. It's not as if we don't know how to do any of this. The only three hurdles I see is radiation, psychology, and how to land hundreds of tonnes of supplies properly. Are those three things really that awfully hard?"

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