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Comment Re:"Online" classes (Score 4, Informative) 95

Here in Florida, the term "online class" has a specific legal meaning - 80% or more of the class and class work takes place online.

Note that it may be synchronous - ie, using Big Blue Button for a lecture session, or old IRC style chat. Or it may be asynchronous - 3am or 3pm doesn't matter.

There are also definitions of "reduced seat time" or "hybrid" - where about 50% of the class and class work take place online or some other non-classroom environment. So the traditional Tuesday Thursday class, only meets Tuesdays and rest is done online.

Comment Re:Nothing New Here... (Score 1) 318

I recall a /. article a few years back explaining why 2 identical (hardware wise) laptops had different prices when shipping from Dell with Windows or Linux installed. The trial/crapware on the Windows system - those vendors pay Dell a couple of bucks per install to get eyeballs in front of them. No such thing on the Linux side. So the Linux laptops were $50 or so more than the same hardware with a Windows install on it.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 688

Thing is, if Miller v US is revisted, the $200 tax stamp on NFA items and the actual NFA registry is unconstitutional

What is issued to the average infantry soldier in today's Army/Marines? Short barrel rifle, select fire. Often suppressed. Occasional short barrel shotguns (door breaching, etc). The M203 (or whatever current version of it is) 40mm grenade launcher (you can own one, but it is a NFA destructive device)

Comment Re:Old programmers for old systems (Score 2) 242

Niches indeed.

I've been programming for over 30 years, 15 of it paid (started when I was 11...). While I may not be able to write in Java for a servlet under tomcat like the guys in our "formerly known as mainframe" area do, I also understand the Web better than they do - mixing SSL and non-SSL stuff on a page, using a simple target=_blank for a link instead of using javascript to open a new window and then load a page, etc.

Would I hire me to work on a payroll system, student registration system, etc? No. Would I hire one of them to do a db driven calendar, or even a simple form processing script to send submissions to an email address? No. But both of us are competent in our niches... Just wish they'd take a little of my advice in the past 10 years after we moved from green screen terminals to the web for student/course registration and such...

Comment Of course it is (Score 4, Interesting) 124

If you are truly paranoid about security - or these days, at least overly aware of security issues - any network where you are not 100% in control of everything from source to destination and all spots in between should be considered as possibly hostile.

That said, how many people/groups/organizations/businesses really care about this?

Comment Re:Do you need PSD? (Score 1) 233


And for testing with IE, the occasional *real* photoshop need, etc. look into a Terminal Server setup for the Windows stuff.

Or remove your costs completely - you are teaching students who will then need to go out and get jobs, from what I've seen from our graphic design track is a LOT of folks do freelance work, and occasionally one of them gets lucky and lands a full time gig. So why not just provide connectivity, and have students supply their own machines and own software. Much less admin issues to worry about, much less cost, the students will have the tools they need to start making money.

If you feel sorry for the students, set up a student centered help desk, or if there is a PC tech certificate track or similar set them up with internships (that is what we do for our CompTIA certificates track).

Comment Very loose interp. of the 2A ? (Score 1) 220

So... for a long time, various encryption algos were considered weapons and subject to ITAR controls. The same is starting up again now.

So... if code can be a weapon, a (very) loose interpretation of the 2nd Amendment and some Castle Doctrine would already allow someone to hack back ...

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

It costs money to get "word to the masses", a lot of money

Word is out there, if we are discussing the Linux kernel - all those Android devices for a start...

However, my guess is that we are discussing a (generic) Linux Distribution - the kernel, the libraries, the applications, the user interface, the package management system, etc.

For a utility machine - web browsing, email, the occasional document or spreadsheet - several Linux Distributions work great.. but there is no commercial push to them.

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