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Comment Re:Cluster Headaches????? (Score 1) 443

Cluster headaches are kinda weird. Some of them just happen, some of them have triggers. A friend of mine suffers from them... triggers for him include various nitrates/nitrites used in preserving food (no pickles, commercial jerky, etc), MSG and other "flavor enhancers", chocolate, alcohol, and the bad part for him most narcotics. When he gets on a hard cycle of them, sometimes the only thing he can do is get to an ER and a doc who is willing to give him a massive dose of demerol - enough to keep him out for 6-8 hours, or enough time to break the headache cycle *and* the headache the narcs give him.

Comment The problem... (Score 3, Insightful) 443

The problem I see with this - and base this statement on first hand experience - is that you either tend to be very distracted and always looking at the next thing, or you tend to be incredible focused on one single thing for a very long time.

Granted, dosing wasn't an exact science and far from measured, much less consistency of product between uses. And the only "micro" part of any dose I did was when a friend found some 15+ year old purple microdots when he was moving (they still worked, sorta... only had a couple and there were 4 or 5 of us sharing them and we all ended up adding some blotter to our systems to really get going)

Comment pearson & cleartext passwords (Score 1) 25

Not sure on the PearsonVUE side, but the regular Pearson Learning - for access to their publisher created resources/course content - stores passwords as clear text.

I've reported it as a BIG issue to our local sales rep and the regional boss rep, but I don't think anything has been done about it.

Comment Re:Everyone has to learn about it. (Score 4, Interesting) 193

As soon as PHP totally gets rid of the mysql_ family of functions, and forces everyone to convert to mysqli function/objects or PDO, it will fix itself. As a bonus, quite a few folks may make some beer money fixing all of the suddenly broken scripts...

The problem with search results is that the mysql_ functions for a loong time were the only way to do the task, and with the plethora of tutorials/information out there the sheer number of them overwhelm the "new" stuff (mysqli and/or PDO)

Comment Re:Depends... (Score 1) 352

Can you recommend a good IDE for PHP ?

Personally, having a LAMP setup on localhost, with a good text editor (syntax highlighting, multiple docs, etc) and some way of watching the apache error log (hence the konsole terminal at the bottom of kate) is fine for what I do.

But if there is a free IDE that I can Just Use without having to change my work flow, etc. I'm always open to suggestions

Comment Depends... (Score 2) 352

For just opening a terminal on my desktop/laptop, I'm using the default mate-terminal (I run Mint w/ MATE).

However, when I'm coding (usually PHP stuff) I use Kate as my editor, and it can use konsole as a terminal at the bottom of the editor. Instead of toggling back and forth between windows, or even switching my focus from one to another on my dual monitor setup, I can see webserver error logs or whatever right there in the editor.

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