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by i.r.id10t (#48148685) Attached to: If Your Cloud Vendor Goes Out of Business, Are You Ready?

Additionally, in a year you may get much more for your $10 per month. I'll give an example using Linode - when I first started using them 10+ years ago, I paid $20/mo for 32mb ram and a few gigs of storage, and about 20 gigs of transfer IIRC. I still pay $20/mo... but I now have not quite 50gb on SSD drives, 2gb of ram, and 3tb of transfer.

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Since the plural of anectdote is data....

I've noticed at most one or two females in the 4 sections of Linux Admin I teach in a year. I have noticed that I'm now getting close to an even mix between black, white, and hispanic males. Only 2 or 3 orientals in the 10 years I've been teaching the course. This is at a community college in the same town as a major state university.

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I just stayed at a fancy hotel in Boston, they wanted $20/day internet access (wired or wireless).

First night I was actually able to connect to the public library a few blocks down the road, but it was VERY slow (3k/sec). After that first night, I was never able to reconnect....

Then I found out the hotel has internet connected TVs, so I plugged my *nix laptop into one of their jacks, got DHCP, and did a (ze)nmap scan to find all the other TVs. Picked one at random, grabbed its MAC address, and spoofed it on my network card. Wallah! Free access.

Charging for 'net access in a $50/night room I can understand - even if it is $10 or so. A $500/night room though should come with free wireless.... strangely in my travels, many cheap places (ie the $50-80/ngiht places I pay for) give free wireless, free coffee, sometimes some sort of free breakfast service, etc and the expensive fancy hotels (that my filthy rich relatives use and pay for, which is why I ended up in one in Boston) not only don't have these as free, but the prices they charge are outrageous ($24 for 2 eggs over medium, hashbrowns, bacon, toast vs. the same meal at Dennys, Waffle House, Perkins, any local diner, etc. for under $10).

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Ah, so it implements the one thing I really miss about using VB for quick utility programs - drag and drop your GUI design, create buttons, etc. and then only write code for the various events (like heyThisButtonGotClicked(), etc). After that Java seemed like it took pages of code just to draw a button on a field to click..

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So much like the firearms business...

Your local FFL dealer can order a Savage rimfire rifle from one of several wholesalers. But lets say you want a configuration that the factory doesn't offer (say, heavy barrel, target iron sights, wood stock). You can call the factory, place your order, they will charge you full MSRP for it, and ship it to your receiving FFL dealer. He/she will do the paperwork and background check, charge you $10 to $100 dollars, and you have the rifle the way you ordered it from the factory. Or your dealer can call, bypass the wholesalers on a config they don't carry/offer, and Savage will sell to him/her at the price the wholesalers charge.

Some online sellers/wholesalers of ammo, etc. also do storefront business in some states. They don't allow online orders from those states tho - cusomters must go thru the brick-n-morter place.

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1) Find your local planetarium and get involved. They may need/want volunteers to conduct shows, etc.

2) Find a local community college that offers an AA in astronomy or similar field.

Now, these may be unreliable for you, but the community college I work at has both an AA for astronomy, one for physics (both for transferring to a state university) but we also have a kick ass planetarium that is managed by one of the new Star Gazers. So, at least if you are in N Florida, it could work.

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