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Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 1) 201

by i.r.id10t (#48266485) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People

Yes. But at the same time, some apartment complexes do have their own cable tv, internet, etc. that is included in the rent, at least here in a college town. As do several of the "old folks not quite nursing home apartment dwelling" places around here.

So yeah, if everyone in the building is gonna get it, makes sense to just make it part of the building.

Comment: Re:Oh boy, another infection vector (Score 1) 214

by i.r.id10t (#48261781) Attached to: Windows 10 Gets a Package Manager For the Command Line

But are there any dependency issues in Windows? Been ages since I've used it, but I don't recall having to chase down DLL files, other installers, etc. to get something to install or run properly....

(oh, and on the similar story the other day I got a -1 troll for asking if we could check out c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\apt\sources.list)

Comment: Re:Local Backups (Score 1) 150

by i.r.id10t (#48148685) Attached to: If Your Cloud Vendor Goes Out of Business, Are You Ready?

Additionally, in a year you may get much more for your $10 per month. I'll give an example using Linode - when I first started using them 10+ years ago, I paid $20/mo for 32mb ram and a few gigs of storage, and about 20 gigs of transfer IIRC. I still pay $20/mo... but I now have not quite 50gb on SSD drives, 2gb of ram, and 3tb of transfer.

Comment: Re:I'm glad SOMEBODY finally said this (Score 1) 227

Since the plural of anectdote is data....

I've noticed at most one or two females in the 4 sections of Linux Admin I teach in a year. I have noticed that I'm now getting close to an even mix between black, white, and hispanic males. Only 2 or 3 orientals in the 10 years I've been teaching the course. This is at a community college in the same town as a major state university.

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