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Comment: Re:Amazing and dreadful, simultaneously (Score 1) 380 380

Ah, I see. You've localized to SV. Here in Florida, when we need something done - ie, write a single sign on module from our homegrown SIS to a course management system, etc. we get in touch with a few folks, send 'em the docs, what info we have, the list of requirements (language, libraries, versions of said, etc), and request for a quote and delivery date. Some we deal with are single folks set up as LLCs or s-corps, some are co-ops of said people working under an umbrella s-corp or llc, etc. Here's what we want, here's the tools we want/need you to use, tell us how much and when.

Comment: Re:Additionally "computer professionals" are exemp (Score 1) 380 380

Collecting all of it - not really. When your corporation/LLC pays you, you'll still be responsible for all the regular employee taxes you'd pay with a regular job as an employee. But then you also have to cover all of the employer's contributions too (7.5% IIRC on Fed level, not sure if still accurate or what states w/ income taxes do). And then you also have to keep the corporate books straight, etc. which is either more time you have to work (for yourself) or more $ you pay out for an accountant to do it for you

Comment: Re:Amazing and dreadful, simultaneously (Score 1) 380 380

As a contractor, there should be a list of deliverables and deadlines and the amount you will be paid or punished for delivering said deliverables early, on time, or late. If you find yourself working more than 40 hours/week to meet your deliverables/deadlines you need to get better at bidding jobs and setting your own deadlines. Or, you've suckered someone desperate to pay your out-the-butt pricing because *they* are behind on their deliverables and deadlines....

Comment: Re:Sounds like a plan! (Score 1) 1064 1064

Divide by investors, and then loop thru the investors and remove teh 250k (or whatever chunk) for each one, just like looping thru the records/rows returned by a db query. But, just like if your db query returns no results, doing something like

while ($row=$dbhandle->fetch_row()){ // call some function to transfer money from investment account // to investors' accounts

That xferMoney() function would never run, because there is no row to fetch from the db results.

(sorry, was fixing some old PHP code earlier today, so I'm still kinda in that mindset....)

Comment: Re:Liberal Arts - still a skill. (Score 1) 306 306

Sure, get a BA in gen studies or gen liberal arts or gen science or whatever. Then if you still want a tech job, get an AS degree from a community college - all you'll probably need are the actual tech classes. Pick up a cert or two. Or just build a portfolio and show you know your stuff.

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