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Comment Does it matter? (Score 2) 91

Does it matter? Fast CPU, fast RAM, fast disks is like having no speed limits on every race track in the world - but in order to get from track to track you have to go on the interstates or perhaps back country roads (PCI bus, etc). Sure, each component is fast and getting faster, but the way those components connect to each other hasn't changed all that much...

Comment Re:Almost 20 years (Score 1) 162

On the flip side, being to specific is also bad. A programmer thinking he has to update his code that is served up via tomcat before a new SSL certificate can be installed, etc. Knowing *something* about all of the other fields is required still...

Comment A plan and boss buy-in (Score 3, Insightful) 158

Make a map of what you have, what the main issues are with each piece, and then a plan for replacement/updating/whatever. Try to include some rough (and higher than you really think it will be) cost estimates. Then present to a boss, and get buy-in. If you don't get buy-in, start updating your CV and look for another job.

Comment Yeah, but... (Score 4, Interesting) 112

From TFS:

It's struck me, too, how the trash collection vehicles that come by my house are mostly piloted robots already; the humans are there to deal with problems and control the joysticks, but hydraulic arms lift and empty the garbage containers themselves.

Where I am, the human drives the truck, gets it lined up with the can, etc. If some asshat homeowner puts the bin out too far from the curb, or turned "wrong" (sideways or backwards or not mostly square to the road), said worker has to hop out and get the bin in position for the arms to grab, slaps teh big red button on the side of the truck, and the hydraulics/mechanics/robotics take over from there.

The human is still needed for the fuzzy logic stuff - driving, checking distance of the bin to the road, orientation of the bin, etc - but with a halfway considerate homeowner they don't need to get out of the truck that often. Big change from the "hop out, toss 2 full cans up and dump 'em in, compact it, head to next set of cans" model that was around a few years back...

Comment Re:California investigating (Score 1) 471

Indeed. Even in the 80s California emissions laws kept certain models of cars from being imported, like hte Porsche 930 turbo. Hence the M491 option on the 911 (factory turbo look - a turbo car without the rear windshield wiper, or turbo script on the back end, and the NA 3.2L engine instead of the turbo charged version)

Comment Re:23% of the company (Score 2) 471

That sound is from the exhaust design, not the engine design - attach the exhaust from a Porsche 356 or an aftermarket Bursch or Dansk and it will sound *much* better.

Now, if you hear one rattling like a drawer full of spoons that could be very loosely adjusted valves (iirc spec is a gap of 009 for push rods and valve rocker arms) or something funky happening with the generator pulley.

Comment Most important certs for anyone... (Score 4, Informative) 118

The most important certs just about anyone can get that most will never put on a resume would be a First Aid/CPR/BLS course. If you are an outdoors person around bodies of water a lot, a lifeguard course wouldn't be too bad to have under your belt as well.

After that, certs really become more specialized training in whatever your work field is...

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