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Comment: Re:no power (Score 1) 429

Of course, the basics that help make good STEM students - teaching kids how to learn instead of just rote memorization and regurgitation of facts, how to solve problems using the tools at hand, how to think critically - are very useful no matter what field someone ends up in, be it programming or performance art.

Comment: Re:Canvas LMS is open source (Score 1) 48

Ah, not quite. The version you can download from their git repo is NOT the same as what is running if you have a hosting contract with them. And of all of the schools I know of that use Canvas (I'm the Canvas admin for the college I work for) none of them are using a self-hosted version. Not even the schools that have the resources to do so (University of Florida, UCF, etc - and I know the admins there too).

Comment: Re:GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) (Score 2) 48

The "know it from inside out" support, etc.

Same reason people use companies like 1and1 for webhosting or one of the companies that provide Big Blue Button instances - sure, anyone can get a VPS or a dedicated 'net connection and server machine(s) and install Linux, Apache, PHP, etc. and run a site or a mail server or BBB instance. All with Free (and free) code. But not everyone is an expert at doing it, or keepign it up and running, or configuring it just right, or integrating your authentication, or answering end-users support questions or ....

And the same reason groups use vendors to host non-free stuff even when your license allows you to download and run a local version. The college I work for did it with our last learning management system - sure, we had a local instance, but it was used for testing API code, new features, confirming bugs and bug fixes the company announced, etc. Our students and instructors didn't even know about it - they only used the vendor hosted instance.

Comment: Re:Yep, they were... (Score 1) 369

by i.r.id10t (#49643515) Attached to: Keurig Stock Drops, Says It Was Wrong About DRM Coffee Pods

Eh, the wife wanted one. Doesn't take any more space than a regular drip coffee maker.

I got myself 4 of the "use your own grounds" cups, simply because a K-Cup only produces decent coffee when it is on the "small cup" setting. So you need to make 2 of 'em to get a decent cup of coffee. Average price, even with sales, etc. is 60 cents per kcup so $1.20 for one cup of coffee. A $5 container of grounds (10.something ounces by weight) I get about 2 weeks worth of coffee.

Comment: Re:From Micro-Soft (Score 2) 323

- Bill Gates was driving a porche when he started uni - back then Porches were rare as hen's teeth

Nope, not rare. Not expensive either. About 2x what an American car would run. I've got the receipt for the '65 356C coupe my dad bought new in July '65, and his out the door price with an aftermarket AC unit was $3700. A '65 Mustang would've cost him about $2000.

In the later '60s and early 70s there were the "budget" Porsches - the 912 and 914....

Now if he was driving a Carrera2 or one of the 30 901 badged cars (Porsche got sued, changed the model to 911), then yeah, rare.

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