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Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 421 421

It costs money to get "word to the masses", a lot of money

Word is out there, if we are discussing the Linux kernel - all those Android devices for a start...

However, my guess is that we are discussing a (generic) Linux Distribution - the kernel, the libraries, the applications, the user interface, the package management system, etc.

For a utility machine - web browsing, email, the occasional document or spreadsheet - several Linux Distributions work great.. but there is no commercial push to them.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 421 421

The few places I've put linux for a "average user" I used Mint, setup Chrome for the browser and Thunderbird for pop3 mail, set a cron job to download and install updates, and have pretty much forgotten about them. They call me when they need a new scanner or printer installed. It Just Works for them as well as Windows does.

Comment Re:RTFA? (Score 1) 421 421

Of the tens of thousands of new machines being bought between now and school starting in late august/early september, what percentage do you think will come with Win 10? Of those, what percentage will run with Win 10 Enterprise? Hooked up to a domain with an admin that has set that policy in GP?

Comment Re:This won't end well.... (Score 1) 180 180

When you say "Production Environment" that sounds to me like running services with it.

I don't think anyone with half a brain would consider using a desktop OS for a server doing Real Things. A basic dev setup for doing web dev type stuff like LAMP or MEAN while you are traveling, etc - sure no problem. But to put it "out there" and make it available? Hah.

The folks who *should* be getting with it now are the "websmiths" or whatever you want to call those folks that are good at design, layout, using JQuery, etc. so they can start "fixing" their web pages for the new browser Win10 comes with. I know where I work (a college) that will be a big thing for our creative folk, and I know I'm going to need a VM with it (for student support calls related to our LMS) for the new browser as well.

The folks who *will* be getting with it are all those people getting new machines as the new school year starts in a month.

Comment Re:Change Is Life (Score 0) 147 147

I don't feel too sorry for paid developers who have to deal with this. Multiple machines (physical or virtual) with various OSes and libraries installed fix this, as does testing your stuff.

The folks I feel sorry for are the students - Win 10 is released Friday, all the new computers being bought for Fall term starting will have it, students taking programming courses will often be stuck with the newest of the new since the instructor adopted (or wrote) the latest text book, etc. And, they may be stuck with these versions of various software packages for a few years while they go thru a degree track...

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 85 85

Sounds more like they have a proprietary product with a (good? maybe?) API, and they'd like to get the folks that write to the API to have their own community going. The marketing droids they hired have noticed this, and want to use the "We have tens|hundreds|thousands of community users working on add-ons that you can get to make our product even better!" sales pitch.

The fact that their product is written in a (mostly) interpreted language and remains human readable means everyone with a copy has (most of) the source code. And our submitter wants to try to edge towards a Free Software model, but realizes it won't happen, but wants to legitimize the access to the source in some way - maybe one day, full Freedom may be possible with it....

Comment Re:Negotiating salaries is for the birds. (Score 1) 429 429

How public? How about "required to be given on request in a reasonable time period under state law" public?

I work for a college, and our state law basically puts all sorts of info out there for being available on request. Unless of course you are a cop, married to a cop, have a close relative in the prosecutors office, etc - they all have legal protection against disclosing this information.

But, as an employee with no spending authority, no supervisory authority, and no official decision authority, my name, position title, and salary - and those of my coworkers - were requested by a local newspaper and published on their website, searchable by last name or salary range....

Now, I can see something like a salary schedule with a note that we currently employ X people in this position at this paygrade, but giving my name, etc....

Comment Re:Speed v.s. reliability (Score 5, Insightful) 114 114

But then wouldn't it be better to let the end user choose whether something is optimized in a certain direction?

IE, if this can be done based on file name and looking up a profile from a list of Knows, would it be possible then to have an environment variable that if not set or set to "none" or whatever no in-driver corner cutting (ie, the game wasn't renamed), or if set to "FPS" do the speed thing at expense of precision, and if set to "photo" or whatever set to precision at cost of speed?

Comment Re:Associate of Science in Networking... (Score 1) 173 173

Our networking track here at the college I work for is focused on Cisco and Windows AD stuff... and people who really don't care to *get into it* and learn on their own come out with a bare minimum of knowledge...

That said, I still don't know why a VPN is needed... set up a simple linux box at the parents' house, have a non-standard port on their router forward to said linux box. Add something so that you can grab the current public IP - a wget on a webpage fired by a cron job, one of the free subdomain dynamic dns services, whatever. When you need to do a remote desktop session, just use a SSH tunnel with port forwarding.

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