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Comment: Re:How much does it block your vision when off? (Score 1) 464

Baseball cap
Google Glass

I'm not sure why asking a perfectly simple - and in the light of the above example which shows there is a difference in how Glass and a hat might be positioned, still perfectly reasonable - question (to which I do not have a preconceived notion of what the answer might be) deserved to be met with such a sanctimonious response.

Have you tried Glass? Did you think it blocked your vision less severely than a baseball cap? If so, say so, and I'll be more informed than I was.

With the cap on, looking straight ahead, the bill blocks the top half of the display. The cap itself blocks much more than the GG display which is transparent. At least on me.

Comment: Re:Just coat them with plutonium (Score 2) 668

by hypertex (#38712552) Attached to: New Cable Designed To Deter Copper Thieves

Pole line stolen three different times last year by three differing thieves, several miles total. They all get caught because the scrap yard requires ID and imposes a delay. FYI, when the line goes down, speed is reduced until crews can arrive on the scene. What is needed is education because each successive thief is unknown to the previous one. No Darwin type evolution can take place because the thieves are completely independent of each other.

Comment: Re:Better way (Score 1) 242

by hypertex (#35875218) Attached to: Erasing CDs By Using 150,000 Volts of Electricity

When pre-recorded CDs first came out I noticed that one could tell where the data ended. Only about 2/3's of the disc was used and I thought it would be slick to write the name/logo in this space. So I would place the CD on a plasma globe and position the blank area over a large plasma streamer. With the use of an insulated dental pick or small screwdriver, I was able to draw the plasma stream out of the globe through the CD, vaporizing the aluminum.
Kids: don't try this at home. You've been warned.

Comment: Re:Palaces? (Score 1) 290

by hypertex (#35299036) Attached to: Secrets of a Memory Champion

...*IF* there were true photographic memory, then the prizes at these world memory championships would be scooped up by people that have it. But they're not. They're won by ordinary people with pretty average memories who dedicate their spare time to mastering memory techniques.

"Photographic memory" is the stuff of magicians, hucksters and B movie thrillers.

Back in my college days, the music history professor had an interesting story of the memory of the great conductor Zubin Mehta. While in rehearsal of a Beethoven symphony, he stopped and said that the note one of the players was incorrect and named the note it should be. The printed copy and the note played by the musician were correct per the copy. Apparently some time earlier, ZM was in Germany and had looked at the original manuscript. His memory of the note in question was validated when the original was re-consulted. It had been transcribed incorrectly all those years.

Comment: Re:Its not the speed that is the problem. (Score 1) 1026

by hypertex (#35157714) Attached to: Obama Calling For $53B For High Speed Rail

Give the railroads a tax incentive to install an additional line alongside their respective main lines complete with their own sidings. Only a single line - this will force the passenger trains to run on time in order to use the sidings to pass one another. No crossovers from freight to the passenger rails. The HSR agency would have to handle the metropolitan areas: building terminals, approaches and flyovers as needed. Done.

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