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Comment: Re:Congressional Pharmaceutical Complex (Score 3, Insightful) 217

by hrvatska (#47795261) Attached to: States Allowing Medical Marijuana Have Fewer Painkiller Deaths
Both outcomes are very germane to the debate of whether or not to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Good statistics should be used to guide policy. When you say "both outcomes you've described mean nothing to dead people", that comes off to me in the same way as "think of the children" does. Law enforcement has various means to test impairment that may not be as definitive as a breathalyzer (whose accuracy is considered debatable by some), but are still good enough to determine if a person is fit to drive. Instead of banning marijuana, how about if we instead develop more effective means of determining if a person is fit to drive? It shouldn't matter whether a person is unfit to drive because of alcohol, pot, old age or blood pressure medication, they're still unfit to drive.

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by hrvatska (#47794851) Attached to: States Allowing Medical Marijuana Have Fewer Painkiller Deaths
THC being present in a person's system is a poor indicator that they were high on THC at the time of an accident. THC can show up in drug tests for weeks after person last consumed it and the mental effects have long since dissipated. How many of those people with THC in their systems involved in accidents also had elevated levels of alcohol or other drugs in their systems? Rather than use a very inaccurate measure like the mere presence of THC in the blood, why not look at vehicular fatality rates in states that have legalized medical marijuana or legalized recreational marijuana? What happened to traffic fatality rates in California since it legalized medical marijuana? What has happened to traffic fatality rates in Colorado since legal recreational marijuana has been available?

Comment: Children's books and other large format books (Score 2) 212

by hrvatska (#45869105) Attached to: First US Public Library With No Paper Books Opens In Texas
If the only users of libraries were people who only read text, I would be OK with an all e-reader library. However, I've noticed that my local library's children section is well used, and a lot of those users are early readers and parents of early readers who take out books where the illustrations matter as much as the words. And many of those books are large format that don't do well in a smaller format. It seems like a library going to an all e-reader format is abandoning an awful lot of the books for early readers.

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by hrvatska (#45267863) Attached to: How Kentucky Built the Country's Best ACA Exchange
My son just applied for insurance for his family through the NY exchange. I sat with him through the process just to see what it was like. The process was pretty painless and he found a plan that offered the same coverage as his current one for about $250 per month less. What I didn't like about the process is that you had to officially register in order to comparison shop.

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by hrvatska (#45190465) Attached to: DHHS Preparing 'Tech Surge' To Fix Remaining Issues
It's not so much that they are throwing more bodies, but that for such a high profile web site they are just now bringing in the best and the brightest. Why weren't these people working on this project from the beginning? I don't know that it would have mattered though, as the main problem seems to have been that too much of the requirements were not well defined until too late in t he development cycle. Software projects get delayed all the time, but this one seems to have been pushed out before it was thoroughly tested. My guess is that plenty of people knew this thing was half baked, but that the release date couldn't slip for political reasons.

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by hrvatska (#45042357) Attached to: Another Science Facility Bites the Dust, Temporarily

Obama is choosing what to close and what not to close. Closing these facilities, national parks, monuments, etc. is pure politics on his part. There are plenty of other things he could cut, and he could have cut a long time ago.

Without funding from a continuing resolution, how would Obama keep these facilities, national parks, monuments, etc. funded and running?

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