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Word of mouth is still the best. Some of the best movies I have seen have been recommended by friends, not strangers. Same for the best restraunts. My record to date is I have driven 126 miles one way to go to a great annual dinner. It is a great harvest cowboy dinner with fire brewed coffee. The event was never publicily advertised as they had a full house every year. It was a great pit BBQ with beef, lamb, pork, spuds, beans, etc. I go every year.

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Never ate there, but the website survived a Slashdotting.

I like how they thank Yelp for the world wide publicity. Can't pay to get that type of exposure. I will remember them if I am ever in the area. I hope their in restraunt WiFi is as good as their website. If it is, I'm going to hire their IT guy!

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MP3 doesn't support DRM.
Link http://netforbeginners.about.c...

*As of this writing, MP3 files themselves do not have DRM padlocks on them, but getting access to MP3 files is getting more difficult every day as the MPAA and RIAA crack down on MP3 file sharing.

What is this MP3 DRM you speak of?

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Thsi point is the ignored deal breaker that has killed all other formats that attempted this. If it won't play on any of the following, it's sales are already in decline.

Common MP3 Players
DVD players that play MP3 CD's
Computers Windows, Linux, Apple
Cell phones Android as well as Apple.

Only formats with compatability at a reasonable price will sell in volume.
Unique formats that require a specialised player will have very limited market penetration.

Do I need to list failed formats?
Sony Minidisc with serial copy protection
Microsoft Zune and protected WMA formats
Apple Itunes copy protected format

The Apple format had a reasonable market penetration because they were the first to market with a legal format, but had to drop the protection when other players entered the market at lower prices in more universally playable formats. Apple tried to market the unprotected verson at a higher price, but that was short lived too.

My questions are who is going to produce the compatible players that people will actually buy? Will the player play legacy formats that are not protected? This is important as a new player that won't play existing libraries won't sell much. Will the player import the legacy formats into a protected format? If so, this will cause a backup and archival issue. Will it be compatible with MOST in car infotainment systems?

Many cars have the ability to "Play" MP3's on a USB Thumb drive. How are you going to sell into this market?

Another incompatable format has a high barrier to market entry. Good luck.

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Bernadette is maybe the most well adjust and "normal" character on that show, with exception of maybe Penny.

A grown woman who can't be bothered to learn how to manage her household budget or maintain her car comes across as the most "well adjusted and normal." That's even sadder than the parade-o-parodies that makes up the rest of the cast...

And don't give me any of that "plight of the economically disadvantaged" stuff as a crap excuse . She can afford the bog-standard closet full of double-hex-digit pairs of shoes and "girls' shopping trips" and MMOGs (because they realized that there was a stereotype they hadn't played for cheap laughs yet).

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That may be intentional. In fact they confirm it is. What better way for an attacker to cover his tracks after a successful break-in then being able to credibly corrupt the logs.

Have none of these people spent even a week on the administration side, FFS? Change "an attacker" to "a malfunctioning process" and, all of a sudden, you want it to be recoverable so you can figure out WTF went wrong so you can fix it.

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Well, it depends on how pedantic one wants to be (and this is slashdot, after all.:))

BSD is Unix, but not UNIX(TM). That is, it has the provenance, but not the corporate blessing. Feeling that the latter would confer any value is probably a litmus test of some sort...

Your other two examples are duly solemnized carriers of the brand name, however. ;)

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Adding a layer of overseers adds a layer of cost to a marketing decision. Areas with high levels of automation and effecient production include food processing such as making cheese, semiconductor manufacturing, automobile welding, painting, ammusement park rides, etc.

What can government oversight do besides drive up the cost for the remaining US manufactures? The decison to automate is a business decision.

Government regulation should only intrude in safety such a OSHA guidelines. Anything beyond that is wasted resources and a higher cost of doing business.

+ - Bing is adding street view->

Submitted by Technician
Technician (215283) writes "This story snuck by me. In August it was announced Bing is adding street view to it's maps. I became aware of it when I saw a car looking somewhat like a Google Streeet View car, but the camera package was cylindrical looking somewhat like R2D2 instead of the camera ball used by Google. This was spotted in Beaverton Oregon."
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One that I enjoyed reading a out is the ariel tram in Portland OR. Residents were concerend with the gondolas flying overhead and peeking into their private back yards. Residents were assured the view is out and not down. One resident then put offencive material in his "private back yard", and there was a stir on his choice of back yard decor. He reminded the tram operators that passangers can not see into his private back yard. Its your problem as it is my private back yard.

Link Warning profanity

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When it has free competition, failure to pay is common. I am learning more online than ever before. Much of it is outside an online classroom.

Examples include
DMX512 lighting control
Digital Photography and photo editing (formal training in the 70's limited to film SLR and darkroom processing)
Additional electronics including digital signal processing. Formal traiining ended in the 1980's.
Audio Engineering/Recording
HVAC & Refrigeration
Not all who learn are after a sheepskin, but the skills.

Certifications obtained includes Journeyman ISCET Certification
Certification is pending for the EPA Universal CFC Certification.

What I don't have - Student Loans

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