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+ - Amateur programmer meets software patents->

Submitted by Roy van Rijn
Roy van Rijn (919696) writes "A couple of weeks ago, in a spare weekend, I wrote software that could recognise music through listening to the microphone, much like SoundHound and Shazam. After populair demand I was just about to release the code into the open source community when I got an email from Landmark Digital Services LLC. They claim my hobby project is infringing their patents. This took me on a journey to find out more about software patents and the validity of the requests I got from the company."
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Solar-Powered Plane Making 24-hour Flight 85

Posted by timothy
from the good-luck-and-godspeed dept.
After technical glitches threw a kink in its schedule, Solar Impulse, the solar-powered plane first mentioned here in June, has finally taken off. Reader asukasoryu writes "An experimental solar-powered plane took off from western Switzerland on Wednesday for a 24-hour test flight — a key step in a historic effort to one day circle the globe using only energy collected from the sun. The plane left Payerne airfield shortly before 7 a.m. after overcoming an equipment problem that delayed a previous attempt. Although the goal is to show that emissions-free air travel is possible, the team says it doesn't see solar technology replacing conventional jet propulsion any time soon. Instead, the project is designed to test and promote new energy-efficient technologies." You can follow the flight's progress at the project's site.

Comment: We don't document because ... (Score 1) 769

by helicologic (#30311646) Attached to: Is Linux Documentation Lacking?
Static documentation is idiotic for dynamic systems. To the extent that GNU/Linux is dynamic, it *should not* be documented staticly. As a coder I never duplicate code (cut-and-paste) because that creates a non-obvious dependency -- if I changed the code in one place I'd have to change it in the other.

Same applies to documentation: if something can change, and lots of code does, I do not want to have to change both code and documentation in the same, dependent, way. There are two ways out: 1) automatically generated documentation, which admittedly is pretty ugly and schematic; and 2) archived searchable forums and discussions.

Operating Systems

+ - How can i get 64-bit on my laptop (it its 64-bit)

Submitted by
stonerder writes "this isn't a story, it's a question, but ne ways. I have an HP media center laptop. It's got a Turion 64x2 in it. I'm only using 32 bit computing. If you ask me, this is a problem. I don't want to use linux, as drivers for the Lightscribe, HP QuickPlay, and a couple other fancy things would be a problem. Is there a simple solution to this without redoing everything? thanx fellow /.ers!"

+ - Kansas School Board Wants Darwin Back

Submitted by Gryle
Gryle (933382) writes "According to an article in the The Register, the Kansas school board has decided to remove intelligent design from the science curriculum. According to Bill Wagnon, chairman of the school board, "This assures that Kansas children are appropriately educated for the 21st century.""

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