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Comment Re:lots of land, no line (Score 5, Insightful) 245

Latency in any sat based communication is governed by physics, not technology. Skype/VOIP over a sat connection is actually not terrible once both party understand that they need to wait for the other end to finish before they start talking. On the other hand, being able to get 720p streaming over sat connection is not something that you could get for 50 bucks a month before, so this is a huge improvement.

Comment What''s is with all the earlier comments? (Score 2) 89

Saw the link, watch the talk, pretty awesome. Language can be colorful at time, i don't know if it's typical in this setting. Really liked the structure of his talk, and fact that it even goes into his state of mind when he worked on it really made the story telling much more interesting.

Comment Re:Just use a damn tape measure! (Score 2) 154

"Please note that while the resolution of the measurements may be as low as 1mm, the precision usually is not. While I have taken great care to make the app as reliable as possible, there are simply too many factors affecting the measurement process and the precision. That is why I want to be clear about one thing: there is absolutely no warranty that the measurements taken with Acoustic Ruler Pro are correct"

Another good example of incorrect usage of the word precision. In this case, the method is actually quite precious, as in measurements are very repeatable. What the author meant is that the accuracy is not very good. I tried out the app just now, at the range of 22 inch (width of my monitor), it under estimates the distance by 1 inch; and for something half an inch apart, it over estimates by over an inch. It is possible to measure the non-linearity using a control setup, but the result would be largely useless, as measurement of different items requires placing the item near the source and receiver, and this will likely change the acoustic behavior of the environment and affect measurement accuracy.