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Comment Re:Best way to stop these criminals (Score 1) 133

Granted and I got into a level of detail that probably wasn't necessary. I really meant to make the point that incarceration is a damned awful thing to do to someone and that they have to live with the consequences of that for the rest of their lives. Thinking of how the government has reacted in the past I could honestly see a 30-40 years without parole sentence happening in a case like this. If they'd brought something down it would be nothing to get that. Death is easy to throw out there as a "Worst thing we could possibly do to them" answer but it really isn't. There are plenty of potentially worse fates.

Comment Re:Best way to stop these criminals (Score 1) 133

Well, they do make me angry but execution is kind of pointless and unnecessarily expensive. It takes ages to put one of these little assholes down even if it was legal to do so for this crime. People always want to jump to executing those who transgress but I think nobody gives long-term incarceration its due. Say one of these "scamps" was in his early 20's. 40 years without the possibility of parole would be a whole lot cheaper when you take into account all the money spent on appeals and he'd leave prison (assuming he survived it) in his 60's. His life would mostly be over at that point. With no employment history or experience, most likely outdated abilities and a criminal record he'd be pretty much unemployable beyond anything but the most meager of jobs. He'd get to live out his retirement mopping floors at night and (if he was lucky) living on some kind of welfare stipend if he lived in country that gives a crap. If he's American I don't think (but I'm not entirely certain) that people who spend their lives in prison earn any kind of Social Security benefit. The government should put forth a lot of effort to find these people, drag them to the states kicking and screaming if necessary, and then throw them in jail for the majority of the rest of their lives. Much worse than executing them if you ask me.

Comment Re:Confused gun owner here (Score 1) 633

That's really been the only thing stopping me from buying at so I know what you're saying. The fees aren't huge but everything adds up. You buy the gun and the price is most likely not anything special. I mean, maybe it's a little bit cheaper but mostly the prices there are in line with anywhere else you might look. Then you pay shipping for it and if the seller happens to be a business in your state you even pay tax. Finally they ship it to a gun dealer near you and you go pay that guy too. I imagine their channel will work a lot like that too. Not my idea of a good time buying a gun. At least I can use gunbroker for research before I buy locally. I'm not going to watch a cable channel to do that. Probably in no time they'll be selling other shooting related sporting goods and making all their money on that.

Comment Re: Camo Dude (Score 1) 256

With this guys luck (Blair) he'd probably send his money to some guy who worked the hackers and then have them not only keep his money but turn around and turn him into the authorities in the US. They might be incapable of helping him with his families online based troubles but they'll know exactly what to do with an international murder-for-hire. This is name change/go offline for a decade time not make things worse by trying something stupid time.

Comment Re:Not anti-immigrant (Score 1) 418

Indeed. I wonder how hard that would be to change? One of the biggest problems with illegal immigration here in the US is that you can't really stop it. The border is enormous and the way we handle things now the captured undocumented asshole is immediately punted back into Mexico to try again. If the offense carried with it a small prison sentence, say 6 months of forced labor (just warms my heart to say it) then his or her family would receive any of those dollars they so depend on and maybe that particular Mexican, Ecuadorean, Guatamalan, or whatever might not come back. Maybe "The Donald" will try that when he becomes Emperor for Life or whatever he plans on changing the title to.

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