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Comment: Don't look at me (Score 5, Funny) 318

by JudgeFurious (#47939771) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100
I'll be long gone and I've made sure that I created no annoying descendants too. I've done my part for population control. It's partially how a rationalize my 16MPG Mustang GT, hour long hot showers, and keeping my thermostat at 60 degrees all summer long. I'm bad but I've made sure that I'm the last of my line. Now get off my lawn!

Comment: Re:let me be the first to say (Score 1) 79

by JudgeFurious (#46943271) Attached to: 4chan Launches '$20 Bug Bounty' After Hackers Ruin moot's Day
We're all just a bunch of "slashfags" anyway. Who are we to criticize? I tried to explain the weird evolution of the word "fag" to a friend and he didn't get it at all. There are people today who use the word in a way that has nothing to do with homosexuality (just as oddly enough it long ago had nothing to do with homosexuality) "oldfag", "newfag", 'bfag" or "btard" more commonly get people all riled up about the rampant homophobia (or political incorrectness where "tard" is concerned) but don't seem to get that the people using them are fine with homosexuality. It's like the actual state of being gay is fine now and culturally got accepts but the words describing them (previously in a derogatory way) didn't..... but people decided to use them for something else anyway.

Comment: Re:I can't be bothered to care (Score 1) 627

by JudgeFurious (#46939275) Attached to: US Climate Report Says Global Warming Impact Already Severe
That's my thought expressed perfectly. I consider myself a very pragmatic person and took stock of my abilities a long time ago. I care predominantly about myself (unapologetic about that) and those I know directly. I'm not antisocial at all. I meet people all the time and make friends easily enough but outside of the people I actually come into contact with I don't feel a great deal of connection to the rest of my species. I'm 48 and in my lifetime they've grown by the billions without any contribution on my part. I also recognize that I'm self-centered enough to make a poor parent. Friends with children tell me that would change with the arrival of a child but without any desire to reproduce why do that. Sure, I stay in practice :) I just doubt the doomsday scenario that calls upon me to contribute to repopulating the earth will come to pass. I have an "Earth + Plastic idea of what will come to pass. In that bit Carlin ends with his prophetic "The Earth isn't going anywhere. WE ARE" and I think he missed-it-by-that-much on that one. The human race is part of this world and we're one of the most adaptable species on this rock. If it can be survived we're going to survive it. Not all of us of course. Not even most of us. The species however will go on and adapt to whatever comes along. We always have and we always will.

Comment: Re:I can't be bothered to care (Score 1) 627

by JudgeFurious (#46939159) Attached to: US Climate Report Says Global Warming Impact Already Severe
The thing is, "that attitude" isn't just an attitude. It's the baseline state of human existence. Don't get me wrong, people who can muster up some caring about future generations are great and we need more of them but they'll always be outnumbered by people who "got mine". That's the sentiment that is the problem (in agreement with you sort of there) but that's what's going to take this species wherever it's going.

Comment: Re:Frequent hurricanes? (Score 4, Insightful) 627

by JudgeFurious (#46932647) Attached to: US Climate Report Says Global Warming Impact Already Severe
I live on the Gulf coast and I've been hearing that insurance rates are going to go through the roof my entire life. There's more development on the Gulf coast now than there ever was before and the vast majority of that isn't owned by all the poor people being left behind to "take the pain".

Comment: I can't be bothered to care (Score 5, Funny) 627

by JudgeFurious (#46932555) Attached to: US Climate Report Says Global Warming Impact Already Severe
My 2014 Mustang GT (Premium) has 425 horsepower and runs like an ape with his ass on fire. I'm grilling steaks this weekend and drinking beer on the deck in my back yard. Every night I sleep with my air conditioner set to 70 and I water my lawn daily. I'm having way too much fun to care about this subject. The climate will change and we'll adapt and even if we don't I'll be dead in a few decades and won't give a shit then either. I'm also not paying back any of that money my elected representatives borrowed from China. Sadly none of that was meant to be sarcastic. It's all true. That last part was sarcastic. There's nothing sad about it. Have a beer and pull up a chair on the deck. It's going to be a long drought and/or ice age. Might as well get comfortable.

Comment: It's just mental masturbation on his part (Score 1) 347

Fantasizing about new ways to charge customers more money for the same crap is just CEO fap material and not much more. If his dream ever does come to pass you can bet one thing. I'll be downloading the biggest, most expensive version from somewhere other than where that bastards cash register is located and so will plenty of other people. On the other hand if he'd figure out the price point necessary to get more people to want to buy it he might see more customers and more dollars.

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