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Comment Re: Camo Dude (Score 1) 256

With this guys luck (Blair) he'd probably send his money to some guy who worked the hackers and then have them not only keep his money but turn around and turn him into the authorities in the US. They might be incapable of helping him with his families online based troubles but they'll know exactly what to do with an international murder-for-hire. This is name change/go offline for a decade time not make things worse by trying something stupid time.

Comment Re:Not anti-immigrant (Score 1) 418

Indeed. I wonder how hard that would be to change? One of the biggest problems with illegal immigration here in the US is that you can't really stop it. The border is enormous and the way we handle things now the captured undocumented asshole is immediately punted back into Mexico to try again. If the offense carried with it a small prison sentence, say 6 months of forced labor (just warms my heart to say it) then his or her family would receive any of those dollars they so depend on and maybe that particular Mexican, Ecuadorean, Guatamalan, or whatever might not come back. Maybe "The Donald" will try that when he becomes Emperor for Life or whatever he plans on changing the title to.

Comment Completely ridiculous (Score 1) 232

It's "facebook" people. Facebook. It's not like you need it or life requires it. It's not like you have to put everything in your life into it. You can of course put your whole life out there for anyone who wishes to see it (That's what I do mostly) or if you like you can post 4 pictures of cats and then only share them with a handful of friends and then never go back there again. People who use it aren't "willing victims" and people who won't use it because they don't want to use their real names aren't being somehow abused or picked on. What does identifying LGBT have to do with any of this shit? Just go outside and play for fucks sake and get over it.

Comment Re:Get used to it, this is the future (Score 3, Insightful) 279

You really think it was designed to increase inequality? Seriously? That is for to laugh. It was designed to make money without regard to equality, inequality, sustainability, or anything else. It was designed to make money. This digital divide you talk about isn't intentional at all. It's worse than that because if it was intentional then it could be stopped in a fairly straightforward manner. Instead it's like an annoying little gnat that keeps flying in the face of these companies and surfacing at awkward times like a random fart floating around in the middle of a cocktail party. They address it with a program or an offer, give away some stuff every once in a while, and hope everyone quits noticing it and resumes throwing money at them. It's just a side effect and the companies making all this cool stuff really would prefer that every single person in existence could afford their stuff. They just aren't interested in doing anything to make that happen. Not their problem.

Comment Re: Way to sensationalize! (Score 1) 202

I love Apple stuff and have been a customer of theirs for years but starting with the iPad and continuing with the iWatch I just haven't been able to get behind buying it. I think they're both cool devices. They look like they might be fun to play around with and may even be sort of useful in a way but I look at the price tags and see what you get for that and I just can't make myself let go of that money. I'm an iMac, Macbook, and iPhone user and didn't mind spending the money on those but I think Apple just pretty much sold me everything they had that I want. The tablet and the watch just don't seem like good buys to me.

Comment Re:Criminalization of homelessness (Score 1) 940

I walk by piles of homeless people's feces on my way from the parking garage I use in the mornings to the building I work in every morning (Downtown, Houston TX) and I wish they'd criminalize the homeless. This shit (literally) is getting out of hand. On the North side of downtown there's a small army of bums who wander the streets constantly looking for handouts and shitting/pissing in every flower bed, parking lot, and alley they can find. These aren't "poor unfortunate families facing hard times" either. They're fucking hobos who spend whatever you give them on alcohol and drugs. I know this because I watch them go into the little no-name liquor store that opened right across the street from the community center (translation: "handout factory") and watch the police bust them for drugs daily. I don't want to sound like a completely heartless asshole (I'm only mostly a heartless asshole) and I get that "poor unfortunate families facing hard times" exist, need help, and should be assisted in getting back on their feet but there are too many lazy SOB's just getting wasted and high using the few systems we have in place to help those the legitimately needy to subsidize their leeching lives.

Comment Re:Exodus (Score 1) 692

Granted these are all daunting challenges and working out how to get that many people off the planet in city sized starships is going to be close to impossible. All I ask is that if it does somehow happen the starships be shaped like giant guitars. If we can overcome all the other challenges this should prove to be a small matter.

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