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hcs_$reboot writes: If there is no way to get rid of, for good, of the two new popup-like slashdot deals, slashdot newsletters, that appear surreptitiously a few seconds after loading the page, right where the login / user name is, this will be where my contribution to slashdot ends. It may not make much difference, but I don't think I'll be the only one..

Comment Antennas the reason, really? (Score 1) 215

Antennas, the reason? Cellphone communications have always been expensive. At the beginning of the mobile phone era, the subscribers fee had to cover the cost of the new infrastructure etc... Then, 15 years later, while the number of subscribers exploded, the monthly cost to use a cellphone is still high. Sure, there were some technological improvements, but did the carriers largely upgrade their infrastructure to cope with all that traffic? Or did they make sure to keep the milk cow alive?

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