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Comment: He's right (Score 1) 58

by hcs_$reboot (#49368691) Attached to: Europol Chief Warns About Computer Encryption

[encryption] has become perhaps the biggest problem for the police (...)

He is right. Eavesdropping everyone everywhere in all possible ways without any ethical limit made everyone aware of
- the privacy intrusion risks posed by non encrypted communication
- the privacy intrusion risks posed by weakly encrypted communication
- the privacy intrusion risks depending on the communication media being utilized.

Comment: Re:And what good would it do? (Score 2) 355

by hcs_$reboot (#49364991) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen

We already have a pretty good idea of what happened to the Germanwings flight even with 1 damaged black box.

Indeed. Every day the poor guy has a new condition: he was depressed, had vision problems, was a narcissist, ... So he was also probably deaf, and didn't hear the captain knocking at the door - which he locked by moving the button to the opposite direction, being also dyslexic. This in addition to some orientation problems, making him think he was already at Dusseldorf airport (his internal clock being also broke).

Comment: Re:What's the point ? (Score 1) 71

Why spend so much money trying to save soldier's lives, when their very job and purpose is killing other soldiers ?

Their job is not to be killed and kill as much as possible of the enemy. As it's been seen from the last wars, fighting against a diminished army makes it easier to win the war.

+ - Eyedrops provide Night vision to see up to 50 meters in Darkness.

Submitted by rtoz
rtoz (2530056) writes "A group of scientists in California have successfully created eye drops that temporarily enable night vision.

They use mixture of Insulin and a chemical known as "Ce6" (Chlorin e6) as eye drop for getting the night vision. It allows the user to view the objects clearly up to 50 meters in darkness.

This chemical "Ce6" is found in some deep-sea fish and is often used to treat cancer and night blindness.

The Ce6 solution will start work in as little as one hour after getting injected into eyes using micropippette. And the Night vision effect will be lasting for “many hours” afterwards, and the test subject's eyesight will become normal the next day.

The organisation "Science for the Masses" has released a paper that detailed the experiment in their website."

Comment: What are you saying? (Score 3, Insightful) 154

by hcs_$reboot (#49360085) Attached to: UK Licensing Site Requires MSIE Emulation, But Won't Work With MSIE
Are you saying the civil service is bad and incompetent in the UK? I'm afraid it's the case in most European countries. This is a good test actually: do you disapprove their slowness, incompetence and laziness (to name a few)? If 'yes', then 1) you're normal 2) you're (probably) competent and 3) don't work there.

+ - Best Program to Organize Photos

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I'm a long time reader first time writer. What is the best program available to organize and sort your photos. I've tried a bunch of different one's with varying degrees of success. Does anybody have any suggestions."

+ - Pulling someone out of a black hole is impossible

Submitted by StartsWithABang
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes "If you move at the speed of light and are inside the event horizon of a black hole, you inevitably fall towards the singularity at the center. But if you were completely outside of the event horizon, you can escape. So what if you were completely outside of a large, massive black hole (with small spatial curvature at the event horizon) and then dipped just a small amount of matter inside. Could you just pull it out again? It turns out the answer is no, and that — to date — there's still no way to escape from a black hole!"

+ - Ask Slashdot: can anyone explain why re-installing windows 8.1 is so difficult?

Submitted by axor1337
axor1337 (1278448) writes "Short back story, I manage a small computer repair shop and am very familiar with how to re-install windows. Windows 8 has been a different animal as many of you know. These Machine are pre-activated with a key that is stored in the firmware. Unlike previous versions of window the key isn't accessible by the end user. Today I was working a customer's Asus laptop it was infected with a version of cyrpto-Locker and the recovery Partition was corrupted. Normally (with every other OEM) we would just do a clean install with a windows 8.1 thumb drive and call it a day. when doing this on a ASUS laptop it always asks for a KEY. this doesn't happen with any other OEM. I called ASUS tech support and they informed me that their system don't have an embedded key. and that they "Can't offer recovery disc's" . I hung up and called again and got the same info. that just doesn't sound right with what I know about Windows 8 activation. Does anyone in the Slashdot Community Have any Idea's."

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