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Comment Re:Intended? (Score 5, Insightful) 105

To be fair, and I'll play the devil advocate for once, not all Windows users are slashdotters. Yes, you, /. reader, belong to the cream of the cream of the IT knowledgeable people on Earth. For the remaining 99%, Windows is just a tool to run some games, play movies, open IE and watch porn, and to occasionally feed some accounting basic Excel spreadsheets. So MS takes over, sometimes, and decides for you what's good, what's bad. And acts accordingly. And maybe this is better for most users. Of course, however how deep you'd have to dig it, there must be an option - intended for the advanced user - to switch off any of those intrusive features.

Comment Re:Very good channel on the topic (Score 1) 126

There's really no reason for Apple not to give more information on their hardware, other than forcing you to forgo a $50 repair

  • - Don't feed competition with detailed manufacture information
  • - Ensure a constant and high level of service
  • - Keep the same components in all devices
  • - Image preservation: don't look like some other cheap brands

Not a fanboi, just trying to find relevant arguments (plus the obvious ones you gave) that help Apple to stay at the top of the standards...
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Submission + - Turkey Downs Intruding Russian Fighter Near Syria Border

jones_supa writes: Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 fighter near the Syrian border on Tuesday after repeated warnings over airspace violations. Moscow said it could prove the jet had not left Syrian air space. Footage from private Turkish broadcaster Haberturk TV showed the warplane going down in flames in a woodland area. Separate footage from Turkey's Anadolu Agency showed two pilots parachuting out of the jet before it crashed. A Syrian rebel group sent a video to Reuters that appeared to show one of the pilots immobile and badly wounded on the ground and an official from the group said he was dead. This is the first time a NATO member's armed forces have downed a Russian military aircraft since the 1950s. The Guardian is following the developments with live updates.

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