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Comment Re:Not to be the different guy, but... (Score 1) 93

I haven't had a bad experience there personally. They don't give you much for used games and consoles, but then again, when I've tried to sell the stuff on ebay or craigslist, I haven't made enough of a difference where I think they could have offered me any more and still made money. It's cheaper to buy a game from them than grab it brand new somewhere, if you don't mind waiting a month or two after one comes out.

Comment Not to be the different guy, but... (Score 3, Insightful) 93

Everybody seems to think this is a bad idea. However, I think it's awesome. There are gamestops everywhere around my house. Probably 5 within 10 miles in any direction. Imagine if those places carried more than used games and consoles. Imagine for a moment that they also carry the same cool stuff that you would normally want to buy, but the shipping costs might have turned you away.

Personally, I think this is great news. My T-shirt collection will probably double in size over the next year.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 484

I don't like Android and have had iPhones exclusively ever since they came out in 2007. However, my iPhone 6 running iOS 8.X is the worst "smart phone" I have ever owned. Yes, it's that bad. For several months after I got it, it wouldn't reliably use Wifi, leaving me no choice but to use my cell data plan, which is capped. Tell me how that isn't absolutely horrible? No amount of calls to tech support or research on forums helped me. It didn't get resolved until iOS 8.2, which was only recently released. My phone also makes odd noises during phone calls. If I set my phone down while on a call using the ear buds, I can hear something happening with the gryoscope. It creates static sounds over the call when I set it down or move while talking. WTF? Additionally, I can name about 6 different bugs relating to their new CarPlay that I bought a stereo to use it with for my car. Amazingly, it's even worse bugs in the non-CarPlay version of USB audio that used to work just fine prior to iOS 8. There are also bugs with bluetooth, iMessage, and how the phone handles calls while you're doing something else. It used to elegantly pause my music and then happily start playing it again after the call. Now, I'm lucky if the phone doesn't reboot or bluetooth gets disabled and I have to restart my headphones, etc, etc. It's a complete nightmare and for the first time ever, I'm considering something like Windows phone or Android. That's how bad it's gotten.

Comment Re:Testing and config verification (Score 3, Informative) 405

You guys crack me up. To answer the questions:

1) Absolutely. The first thing I did when I moved to this net block on comcast is have them create my associated pointer records, so reverse DNS is correct.

2) Yes, MX records are correct.

3) I've checked every blacklist using sites like mentioned above. My IP does not exist on a single one.

4) No forwarding.

5) Yes, I monitor my network traffic in various ways - and no, I am not sending spam. If I was, it would be a matter of hours before I would show up on an RBL anyway, which I'm not on.

6) Absolutely. I have paid for a cert that matches my domain. It's not self signed.

I think some others have brought up some things that I'm not doing:

1) DKIM. I've read about this, but I didn't realize a lot of people were using it yet. Sounds like they are and that I'm behind the curve here.

2) DMARC. Same here. I've read about it, but not using it yet.

I'm also using SPF.

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