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Comment: Re:There isn't really any homebrew on the 360 (Score 1) 453

by hawkbug (#30174290) Attached to: Xbox Live Class Action Being Investigated

You're wrong. Please research the kernel exploits that were found previous to the latest one that allow installation of new bootloaders, etc using jtag programming and reading methods.

Also, are you aware that if your dvd drive dies and your console is out of warranty, that you can purchase a new DVD drive for about $25 on ebay and install it yourself by "spoofing" your old drive? Yet, this violates M$ policies as they want you to pay them $100 to fix it for you.

Piracy is hardly the only reason people hack their 360s. It is one reason, but certainly not the only reason.

Comment: Wow (Score 1) 936

by hawkbug (#24169049) Attached to: Why Do We Have To Restart Routers?

I have a Cisco 678 DSL router and a Cisco PIX 501 sitting behind that. I haven't rebooted either of those in over a year, probably lots longer than that. I have them on a backup battery, so even if the power goes out, they stay up long enough. I seriously can't remember the last time I ever needed to reboot them. My linksys WRT54G though freaks out from time to time for my wireless, that bothers me. However, even that goes atleast 6 months without issue at one time.

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