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Comment Re:Matrix (Score 1) 161

A) A simple thermostat to shut off the system if the ambient temp drops below a threshold value isn't that difficult
B)Efficiency drops as the temp of both areas approach one another, so its not like you can forcibly drain one location to keep the other super hot.
C)This isn't a system to use in Kenya. Most people in modern countries already consume more calories than they need, so the argument that they would need to eat is invalid. It could even be marketed as a weightloss aid if it had a marked increase in the metabolism of people in the area.

Comment Why? (Score 3, Interesting) 181

In the article he claims that it would take three weeks to walk across one segment of the map, even with noclip enabled, and then it would just create a new segment.
I just am wondering who would play a game that much that they would even care? Few people are going to really "complete" even Skyrim much less an "infinite" world.

Comment Re:And the seed is planted... (Score 1) 398

Last election we had for governor had 4 recounts. Three went to the challenger by a 1000-1500 vote margin. The fourth went to the incumbent with a 2000 vote margin after some ballot boxes were "found" in a closet. Recounts were immediatly suspended and the election went to the incumbent. Voter fraud happens.

Comment Re:zero sum game (Score -1, Flamebait) 555

Whats a high-salary person to do with their money other than set it on fire or spend it? Even if they do spend it on a cruise, guess what... That pays for the crew to go to the grocery store. There are very few places money can truly be "wasted" other than government programs.

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