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+ - Obama Backtracks on NASA Capsule->

Submitted by
astroengine writes "Scheduled to speak on Thursday at Kennedy Space Center, details are beginning to emerge about President Obama's bold plans for NASA's future. One development includes reviving the abandoned Constellation program's Orion capsule, keeping hopes alive that Orion will remain NASA's crewed vehicle to supercede the Space Shuttle."
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+ - AMD Announces 'SSE5' Instructions->

Submitted by LWATCDR
LWATCDR (28044) writes "Yahoo News is reporting that Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday announced an extension to the X86 instruction set, which the company calls "SSE5".

The set of instruction extensions — 47 base extensions, expanding to a total of 170 instructions — will be included first in the "Bulldozer" processor family, scheduled to be released in 2009.

The new extensions will be optimized for high-performance computing workloads. AMD designers examined existing instruction sets, such as the Apple/IBM/Freescale Altivec instruction set, then identified three software types to optimize SSE5 around: compute-intensive applications, such as financial simulation and life sciences; multimedia applications, like high-definition video encoding and image processing; and security applications, where data is encrypted across the Internet as well as an entire hard drive.

The article has one statement that I found odd, "Traditionally, Intel has issued improvements to the X86 ISA used within PCs, crafting all of the earlier SSE extensions, which AMD has eventually supported. This time, the shoe's on the other foot.". Wow how soon they forget. I guess that whole X86-64 things just slipped their mind."

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+ - How can 200,000 galaxies point the same way?-> 1

Submitted by
KentuckyFC writes "Does the universe have a preferred direction — an axis of evil as some astrophyscists have called it? It certainly looks that way with the publication today of a survey of 200,000 elliptical galaxies that indicates they are all aligned in the same direction. What's more, this axis is the same as the controversial alignment found in the cosmic microwave background by the WMAP spacecraft"
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+ - Slashdot fan "art"

Submitted by ABitEmbarrased
ABitEmbarrased (454203) writes "Apparently there's this über-cool web-site called SlashDot; you can find it on the Internet. It's so great that someone even made a song about it: linky to song. Check it out!

Group hug anyone?"

+ - CPU Splash! Easy liquid cooling for your PC

Submitted by ChristmasOnMars
ChristmasOnMars (1030252) writes "Liquid cooling CPUs used to be more complicated than designing and building a prepetuial motion machine. In the last year or so, they've gotten so cheap and easy enough to install that virtually anyone can liquid cool their system's central processor. ExtremeTech examines a batch of new, improved, tasty, and easy to use liquid coolers."

+ - GPL Violations On Windows Go Unnoticed?

Submitted by Scott_F
Scott_F (19754) writes "I recently reviewed several commercial, closed-source slideshow authoring packages for Windows and came across an alarming trend. Several of the packages I installed included GPL and LGPL software without any mention of the GPL, much less source code. For example, DVD Photo Slideshow ( included mkisofs, cdrdao, dvdauthor, spumux, id3lib, lame, mpeg2enc and mplex (all of which are GPL or LGPL). What's worse is that the company tried to hide this by wrapping them all in DLL's! There are other violations in other packages as well. It seems that use of GPL software in commercial Windows applications is on the rise based on my testing of other software. My question is how much are GPL violations in the Windows world being pursued? Does the FSF or EFF follow-up on these if the platform is not GPL? How aware is the community of this trend?"

+ - XP on 8MHz Intel Pentium and 20MB RAM

Submitted by
swehack writes "The germans over at managed to get their Windows XP Professional to run on an Intel Pentium clocked down to 8MHz and 20MB RAM. Here is the english version of their article, with plenty of pictures. On a related note they also won the golden hourglass for 'extreme waste of time'. What obscure hardware configurations have you managed to get Windows running on?"

+ - Duct Tape to control Mad Astronaut?

Submitted by netwolf
netwolf (187668) writes "The plan to tranquilize a mad astronaut is outlined in this CNN article: " NASA's plan for unstable astronauts: Duct tape, tranquilizers" .plan.ap/index.html. Interesting part: "A gun would be out of the question... NASA has determined that there is no need for weapons at the space station" What happens when aliens attack?"

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