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User Journal

Journal: Want your old comment page back?

Journal by halcyon1234

If you're like me, you're pissed as anything that they've Idle'd up the comment page. It used to be a beautifully simple page that gave you access to all your comments, and was linked right off the every page by clicking your username.

The comment page kinda sorta still exists, but you have to click on your user name, get slapped with the wet noodle of a "userpage", then click on comments.

Here's a solution. It isn't perfect, but it's better than having to see that gawdawful page.

  1. Get Firefox. Done? Good.
  2. Install the Redirector extension
  3. Set up a redirect.
  4. Include Pattern should be http://(?:[a-zA-Z0-9]+\.){0,1}[a-zA-Z0-9$_.+!*'()\- ]+)(?:/$|$)
  5. Redirect To should be$1/comments
  6. Select "Regular Expression" instead of Wildcard
  7. Click OK and breath a sigh of relief.

This will work for your page, and anyone else's. It will also strip out the, since most of those are completely unreadable when it comes to your comment page. If you're a masochist and want the subdomain formatting back, take out the ?: in the Include Pattern, and change the Redirect To to http://$$2/comments

User Journal

Journal: Annoying

Journal by halcyon1234
Okay, enough is enough. If someone has the ability to write a script that will go around the Internet and collect email addresses that have been publicly posted-- don't you think they can also write a script that will recognize the phrase "x AT y DOT com", and automatically parse it into

So seriously, stop posting your email address like that. All it does is annoy people who are trying to email you. The href tag exists for a reason: so people don't HAVE to type in your email address.

User Journal

Journal: Theft

Journal by halcyon1234
If you are reading this, I just successfully stole five seconds of your life.

The universe is an island, surrounded by whatever it is that surrounds universes.