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Comment Wait, just /government/ outsourcing... (Score 1) 85

is poorly managed?

Can someone please point me at any place that properly manages outsourced labor?

I've yet to hear any good stories about outsourcing from people who have to deal with programmers in India, for example.

And the people I know personally that have to travel to India to see "what the /fuck/ are you guys doing?!" and straighten it out, none of them are thrilled to have to do that part of their jobs. Every story I hear is tantamount to "shoveling shit against the tide."


Comment Re:I look forward to the ISIS publication.... (Score 2) 546

I don't think much of the KKK but to call them "terrorists" seems a pretty big stretch

The KKK has done some pretty bad things over the past decades. On equal with what ISIS and other terrorists have done.

Indeed the definition of terrorism is "the use of violence is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes."


Tell me that was not violence for political purposes. Try me.

Just because the lynchings aren't widespread anymore doesn't mean the other violence went away. And it's not just "Cletus the redneck douchebag" as a member, it's politicians and law enforcement.

Yes, these people do need to be exposed. If this makes you uneasy, too bad.


Comment Re:It's all math word problems (Score 1) 270

If you can't stand problems that start out, "A train leaves Chicago traveling 42 miles per hour...", then you are not ever going to like coding, and you most likely will never be very good at it.

I, and other people, can't fucking stand problems like that because they are fucking BORING AS FUCK AND TOTALLY UNINTERESTING.

But I love writing code. As do many other people. Because the problems are more interesting than SAT style word problems, which rot your brain and make you hate math.


Comment Re:Statements are too long (Score 1) 270

Therefore I suggest we teach beginners assembly language and exchange the mnemonics for common texting short forms.

Back in the day of Apple ][ machines, we were taught both BASIC and 6502 assembly and wrote code in both. We were taught the assembly after BASIC and when polled which one we preferred to have been taught first. It was the 6502 assy that won out, unanimously.

So no, this isn't so much of the joke you think it is.


Comment Re:Personal email account so what? (Score 1) 100

I don't think they prevent you from using an insecure email account. The email account is simply how you'd transmit evidence of what you can be blackmailed with.

I don't think they prevent you from doing it either. I do think that if you have one, that it should be declared that you have one when you do your security audit. If this guy at the CIA had one and didn't declare it then that should be a problem.

People think nothing of creating an email for "non-official business" (like an affair) and not telling anyone, going so far as creating "draft emails" as communications. Sound familiar?


Comment Wait what? (Score 1) 49

>evidence of early bombardment on Earth
>assuming that this might not have happened on the Moon

That's a pretty big assumption, because it assumes that the Earth is somehow special in "attracting" (outside of gravity, but we're not talking about that, we're just talking about "targeting") bombardment and the moon is not, while both occupy a similar orbits around the Sun.

I don't buy this doubt. It fails the laugh test.


Comment Re:Personal email account so what? (Score 1) 100

Isn't the reason that you are grilled during a security clearance audit/review/interview that they are looking for things you might be vulnerable to when blackmailed?

Seeing the stuff that Hastert was being blackmailed for, I think this point is extremely cromulent.

Wouldn't using an insecure email account by such a person be grounds enough to yank that person's clearance if it hasn't been declared? Especially if it has been used for years.


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