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Comment: hammers and screwdrivers (Score 1) 254

by hagnat (#46409171) Attached to: The New PHP

Programming Languages are tools. And tools serve a purpose and are better doing one task than other tools, even those which could be used to serve that task.
I have been coding in PHP for the past 8 years or so. Its really easy to code in PHP, but it has several known flaws which i have to manage to work around.
Last year i got a job that required me to code in Perl. Its ugly as a baboon's ass, but its perfect to work with regex and huge text files.
Recently i have been coding in Python, and its god damn fast! But there are several quirks in the language that i can't stop hating, specially its "We're all consenting adults here" slogan. I have been looking forward to learn Ruby and Java now, or even to get back to my academic days and code something in C/C++

So, stop being a language fanboy, and know your 'enemy' and learn that they are better suited to do some tasks than your favored language.

Comment: Taxes (Score 1) 233

by hagnat (#33471730) Attached to: Brazil Considering Legalizing File Sharing

yay, more taxes for me to pay as an excuse for the government to justify the media corporations why it fail so bad to fight music piracy... i hope they stop the annoying anti-piracy commercials after that

mod me troll if you want, but as a brazilian i am not that happy about this piece of law which adds more taxes than we already have to pay

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