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Comment: Re:Code Quality Sucks on Either (Score 1) 131

by hackus (#46776197) Attached to: Code Quality: Open Source vs. Proprietary

First of all, built means compiled and modified means I switched off u32 support as well as targeting a Xeon processor class.

I did not need to write code, the kernel had to be rebuilt and the binary replaced/modified for the target processor and memory architecture.

You use the .config for that and rebuild the kernel tree. You don't need to write code.

SO! The included Redhat kernel was way too generic for the application performance required.

Among other things. But the point is, you can't do that with an OS binary, so LINUX as an OS Kernel, is far more flexible than a proprietary one.

Comment: Code Quality Sucks on Either (Score 1, Troll) 131

by hackus (#46774553) Attached to: Code Quality: Open Source vs. Proprietary

Yeah, I have seen the source code to the Windows 7 OS, CISCO's iOS and LINUX of course.

They all suck equally.

However, that being said, I am currenrlty running a version of the LINUX OS I built and modified for my customers use in a PostGRES server which is quite large.

Open Source wins again because I can correct the suck. :-)

Comment: People who do not learn from History. (Score 2) 1574

by hackus (#46773629) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

The 2nd amendment was not put there for cattle ranchers and farmers and people who hunt for food.

It was specifically put there because the founding fathers recognized that the human spririt has failings.

One of those failings is the one THEY were most familair with, and Mr. BUNDY out on his Ranch in Nevada is finding out right now.

HIstory is quite clear about this point: Governments have a nasty tendancy to kill, and destroy themselves along with the laws of the land and the citizenry with them.

If the people are denied the unconditional purchase and ownership of ANY weapons, governments will have their way with them.

Contrary to that is, of course what we know to be true: If no person who gets out of bed in the morning feels like controlling, possessing or stealing, or killing his neighbors were around, I would agree. We would not need weapons.

But we live in a world were a small fraction, about 1% of the population have uncontrollable urges to Murder, Steal, Rape and Loot our country.

If everyone is not armed, they will eventually take over. It also makes it VERY expensive for say, the Russians, Europeans or Chinese to ever EVER get the notion of invading and setting up on US soil. So arming everyone has lots of benefits.

But unfortunately we have subject A: Mr. Harry Reid from Nevada.

But we do not live in that sort of world with Mr. Reid and his ilk around.. We live in a world, were Harry Reid, a Senator from Nevada has colluded with foreign interests, to use his ability as a law maker to make laws that make it OK for China to steal land from a American citizen.

When Harry Reid says for example, you can't break laws I make for my own benefit to steal Mr. Bundy's land AND you are a domestic terrorist for resisting my business investments as such...

WELL WE HAVE A WHOLE NEW KIND OF COUNTRY WE ARE LIVING IN. ...For his own personal gain himself, and his family. That form of government is not a democracy. Or haven't you all heard?

It is a Oligarchy.

What? The USA has no engineers who could build, manufacture and create a solar energy plant as good as a Chinese government firm? Really?!

News to me for those of you sitting in your parents basement after 4 years of engineering school looking for a job!

Of course we do and worse yet, I wouldn't trust Chinese parts in something as critical as a power plant in the USA.

In the end Senator Reid, has colluded with foreign powers to steal this land, and profit from it, including his family.

O L I G A R C H Y.

According to the Constitution, that is TREASON, as it redraws the borders such as what wars do, and therefore has made war on the American people for his personal gain.

Secondly why do you need snipers to come out and target Bundy over were his cattle are grazing? Unless of course you know what you are doing is against the law, and immoral and he would resist?

Third there are laws that have been ignored, that have means to grand father Bundy into the ownership of the land he grazes his cattle on. I am sure an agreement could be reached on that without the need of Military snipers, Blackhawk helicopters. These laws are totally ignored. That is to be expected, because this isn't about the LAW, it is about Reid and his kid getting a sweet deal on a solar energy plant.

Bundy is a special case because he has been grazing those lands before most of your grandfathers were born, over 100 years his family has been there using that land the same way he always used it.

The response from the Feds makes absolutely no sense. Certainly no sense in formenting, provoking the American citizenry with military assets placed all around the ranch.

How do we fix it?

1) Reid resigns immediately.
2) Bundy is grand fathered into the lands he has been on for over a 100 years using existing laws.
3) An american company should build that Solar Plant. Any investments currently made are null and void/confiscated from Reid and Chinese firm for criminal activity/evidence of such criminal activity.

Bundy gets his Ranch, and we get rid of a Oligarch, who been sucking on the tit way too long and we put some young guys to work right now who are sitting in their Mom, and Dads basement with useless engineering degrees.

All the while, Nevada gets a nice new energy plant!

Sounds like a plan too me.

Comment: Open Source Heartbleed (Score 4, Insightful) 580

by hackus (#46763631) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

Fixed within, 24 hours on 187 servers running open source openssl libraries, f and earlier versions.

I still do not have fixes for about 5 proprietary customer products, and there has been no word from 3 of them if they intend to fix them.

I have informed my customers that they should consider moving from the proprietary products IF they have the cash to do so.

I really do not see your point in asking the question.

You cannot design and build secure software to begin with.

You need to have the source code for the forseeable future now because of the world we live in.

Very very bad people are coming out of the pit and they want your infrastructure, your data and your intellectual property.

But above all, they want control of you.

Open Source can prevent a world like that from taking hold, but it cannot save a fool from his foolishness.

Comment: Climate Engineering (Score 1) 341

by hackus (#46752153) Attached to: Climate Scientist: Climate Engineering Might Be the Answer To Warming

I am all for it.

Lets put the entire IPCC panel and all of the other Yahoo scientist wannabes that contributed to the report on a rocket and send them to Mars.

They can geoengineer all they like.



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by hackus (#46736751) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

"...decades without computers would render computer science and related professions useless."

The idea of graph theory is perfect for building social systems, that withstand breakdown.

The idea for example not to over centralize government for example to avoid disastrous consequences.

We know from graph theory nodes with too many edges are suspect and reveal design weaknesses in computer networks.

The same happens in human social/governing systems. Kings, Queens or many forms of government that are too centralized results in war, death and darkness.

One thing to do after the apocalypse is pick up that graph theory and get to work in building a highly distributed, non centralized society.

Comment: Re:Why so much resistance to climate science? (Score 0) 856

There is no resistance to the idea of man made change of climate.

That isn't what is going on.

The resistance is based on:

1) The truly, ginourmous amounts of fraudulent science they are using in convincing people man made climate change is real. People who resist this sort of stuff are mainly true scientists, who do true research. These people do not have NSF grants, and are largely publicly funded through institutions which do not have a stake in the outcome of the research either way. Most of that IPCC crap MUST come to the conclusion that trillions of dollars are needed to stop man made climate change otherwise these people wouldn't have a pot to piss in who create this bad science.

Only those institutions, and research scientists that demand people lose their academic credentials if they do not submit the the fraudulent science, are the primary proponents of Man Made Global Warming, also known as Climate Change.

2) The solutions. The IPCC suggests if we tax nations and build a global army, and enforcement arm of carbon credit taxes, we can control the earths climate and prevent run away green house, or other such disasters. Only if Billions die can we obtain these goals.

The plan how to kill that many humans and lay waste to most of the current human settlements on the globe is outlined in the AGENDA 21 plan, published by the United Nations.

To see how they will kill you, read it here:


Others like myself who disagree with these policies offer much better "science" including developing space industries to explore off world, revolutionizing underground as well as above ground city designs which include growing the food for a city inside the city itself, creating new power technology like Checmical/Low Energy Nuclear Reaction plants as well as Thorium Nuclear power.

We have the people and the skills to begin now. millions of people are sitting idle as the Bankers consume and destroy around the globe in pursuit of this AGENDA 21 plan.

People who resist do not want to die, there is a better way. That is the way to go, and we do not need Al Gore, a Carbon Credit Exchange or billion of people to die through AGENDA 21 stealth programs like Vaccines, Sterilization of Black People and other such garbage.

The Bible says we are suppose to be stewards of the Earth, and if we put forth a little effort we certainly can do that easily, with even 30 billion people on the globe.

We might even make a small Island in the Pacific and put the IPCC panel and their crony banker friends who dictate their report findings a nice little mud hut to live it too.

Comment: Farners Almanac (Score 1) 856

In the past 20 years, has a higher correlation between temperature predictions that our best weather models.

None of the predictions in the past 15 years has come true, including Al Gore's famous "Snow will be a thing of the past by 2012."

I also do not trust the IPCC because they are a major backer of carbon exchanges, which has nothing to do with science.

The carbon exchanges if you do not know that they are, will tax every nation based on how much CO2 they use. This money which will measure in the 10's of trillions of dollars per year, will then be used to create a Global Army to enforce the C02 emissions/taxes as well as a new Elite class.

This new Elite class will not be electable, and not answerable to anyone. Sort of like how the idiot Europeans run their EU Union and have the GAUL to dictate to Putin what democracy is and how the Ukraine should be governed.

Comment: "scientists have become victims of their own .." (Score 1) 292

by hackus (#46720745) Attached to: Nat Geo Writer: Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover

"scientists have become victims of their own success."

Translation: We have dull and feeble people working in areas of science because we have an educational system which is dogmatic and proudly proclaims it know everything and nothing of interest remains.

While in reality, the real people, scientists who would be our best and brightest are probably sitting in a hut in Africa somewhere because the institutions of economic, political and educational power don't like competition.

What complete crap.

Comment: Daft Logic (Score 1) 218

by hackus (#46622835) Attached to: Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion

There is no guarantee that you will get the phone back, or that it will even be operational if you get it back, with this "magical" phone kill switch.

You most certainly can be be guaranteed it won't work if any of the globalists get whimsical and decide to shut it off. They WILL shut it off.

Furthermore, whatever system they implement most certainly will be wide open to hacking, that is something you can also count on.

My bank J.P. Morgan for example, regularly calls me about charges on my Credit Cards for my business because obviously their employees who do the I.T. work are selling the customer info on the side. (Get about 2 new cards a year now...I suspect I will be getting 4 cards a year shortly. Hell to have a bank monopoly isn't it?)

Same thing with this system. If you can shutdown all of Verizon's telephone customers for example, you could do what "anonymous" governmental agencies did before 9/11, short the stock just before you kill or cause a massive outage or customer disaster as I put it.

Hell, short Verizon, and go long on AT&T and Sprint!

I love the smell of Globalism early in the morning.

Take a nice big whiff.

Comment: Re:Paranoia? (Score 0) 198

by hackus (#46598541) Attached to: Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears


Keep your we to yourself. Try THEM.

Try Federal Reserve Bank heads. Rapidly running out of time from their destruction of USA currency, as well as at the same time trying to start anything, and I mean ANYTHING to prevent everyone here from linking a complete economic collapse with any of their criminal activities.
(You don't think they want all of our guns to make us safe do you? They want them before economic collapse because if they don't get them from you before then, they are T O A S T..)

From LIBOR, to Laundering Money for Terrorists and Drug Cartels, to stealing everyones homes through the use of Robotic Signing authorities to secure hard assets...hard assets which they actually want, and not that funny paper called the Federal Reserve note.

These same bankers, are instituting military armed intervention now on the border of a country, which kicked Hitlers butt back to Germany.
(Check out the INSTALLED NON ELECTED LEADER of the so called EURO UNION Democratic Loving breakaway part of Ukraine...a FED BANKER!)

Defeated the greatest military commander of Europe, Napoleon.

Out to get them?

We either get these bankers and dismantle this Federal Reserve system, or we are going to wake up one morning with Cities missing.

These bankers try and pull the same crap with RUSSIA we are going to be missing some cities.

Russians won't put up with Western Banker NONSENSE and will put us in our place up to and including at the boot of a NUKE.

You can tell how far we have to go, when FORTRAN is the language of supercomputers. -- Steven Feiner