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by CRCulver (#48445121) Attached to: Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"
The idea that the French work a significantly shorter work week than Americans is a largely a myth. The French do enjoy longer annual leave, but I suspect that in the US, the productivity gains resulting from a little more rest at certain points in the year would more than make up for the lost working time.

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Of course I can.

Marriage is about subsidizing the creation of the next generation of mankind. Used to be, if you couldn't get pregnant together, you could get an annulment, and the marriage was considered dissolved.

My position, and, in a democratic society which runs on consensus, I don't actually need to defend it, is that if you get married, and enjoy the privileged status that that entails at my expense, you OWE me several well adjusted children to carry society forward when I retire, and if you get divorced, you OWE me for all the benefits you enjoyed at my expense. If you are infertile, you can't get married. If you are too old to have children, you can't get married. Live with who you want, fuck who you want, but marriage is about families, and if you're not interested in making and raising one, then leave it to others.

Religion really doesn't have anything to do with it. Homosexual marriage is an outrageously, ridiculously irrational thing all by itself.

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My concern is not your domain experience, but your business experience. It sounds like you're approaching things from a largely technical viewpoint, and that's going to get you in trouble with running a business. Your focus, first and foremost, should be on revenue, a product portfolio, and a plan for growing the customer base.

Sure you'll need an accountant and should outsource your payroll and get a corporate lawyer on board and all the other things people have advised you to do, but first and foremost, you need to get your head around the idea that you're no longer going to be an engineer and will have to focus on business needs and decisions that would apply to any industry.

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