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Comment: Re:False Flag (Score 1) 57 57

Honestly, things which 10 years ago would have been the domain of crackpots is now 100% fact.

These days it seems like no matter how paranoid you are, what is really happening is even crazier.

When law enforcement commits perjury in the form of parallel construction, when they withhold knowledge of their surveillance technology, when they lie about what they're doing without a warrant, when they lie about how many times a technology has led to an arrest .. honestly, it's hard to not assume shady dealings by a three letter agency.

You can't make up stuff anymore which is as crazy as reality.

And given that these guys have cut into everybody else's telecomms ... why wouldn't they be doing it here?

It really is hard to dismiss "crackpot" these days, because the reality is shit like that is actually happening.

Comment: Re:Uh, no (Score 1) 343 343


When the tray icon appears, there is no dismiss. There is no "piss off and go away".

There "upgrade now" and "reserve your copy". There is no description of WTF not reserving my copy does, there is no dismiss. There is "I am going to sit here reminding you to upgrade to Windows 10 until you do".

The average user is going to read that and think "Oh, I guess I have to do this". It took me 20 minutes to identify the source and figure out what I had to remove.

When that crap is presented to you, there is NO indication it is optional, that you can cancel it, that you can choose not to do it .. in effect it presents itself with two choices "now or later".

And it means Microsoft is acting like they own the machine, and it's up to them to decide when to make changes to it.

Comment: Re:Uh, no (Score 3, Insightful) 343 343

They're doing more than advertising it.

In Windows 8.1 they pushed out an update which put an icon in the task tray which said "upgrade to Windows 10, now or later?"

They're not pushing it as optional. They're installing stuff which is going to do it to you, and isn't giving you a way to decline. You end up needing to uninstall an update (KB 3035538).

I'm sure they'll do it again.

Microsoft seems to have decided they own the computers, and the networks they're attached to. Which is completely bullshit.

And, don't forget, once they have all those juicy passwords they can pass 'em off to law enforcement.

Microsoft have always been assholes, but this takes the cake.

Basically Windows Phone and Windows 10 are gaping security holes, and is now acting as malware.

Comment: Re:Uh, no (Score 2) 343 343

No, someone needs to be shot.

This is the most idiotic thing I've heard of in a long time.

Microsoft has said "fuck security", and once again have decided to "innovate" something which stupidly becomes a gaping security/privacy hole.

What shithead thought of this?

These passwords aren't Microsoft's to share, and decreeing that anybody who hasn't changed their SSID to opt out has consented.

Fuck that.

How bout we charge Microsoft with hacking and enabling unauthorized access to computer networks?

Fucking idiots.

Comment: Holy fuck ... (Score 3, Insightful) 343 343

So Microsoft has taken it upon themselves to share the network credentials with anybody it sees fit?

Fuck you, Microsoft. How about you help us make networks more secure and not less?

Not only will I stick with my Windows 8.1 install, but no Windows 10 device will ever get my network credentials.

This has to be one of the stupidest things I've heard of. And, of course, since Microsoft will centrally store your passwords, law enforcement can subpoena them.

Microsoft are too fucking incompetent at security to be trusted with this. And then to have the nerve to suggest we have to change our network names to opt out of their shit?

Fuck you, Microsoft. Fuck you very much.

Comment: Re:Drone It (Score 4, Informative) 768 768

In theory, it can do the job of the A-10, F-16, F/A-18, and Harrier Jump Jet (to name a few)

That's crazy.

So, tank-buster/ground attack, fighter jet, carrier launched fighter jet, and close air support.

There is simply no way in hell to replace the A-10, in terms of armament of hardening. Because the A-10 is ridiculous in terms of those things (and I mean that in the most awesome sense of the word, because it's legendary for survivability and that huge canon).

It can't replace the F-16, because it's not nearly as good at the same role, and can't beat it in the air.

If the F/A-18 is also a fighter I'd be curious to see if the F-35 can even touch that.

And a VTOL close air support aircraft, which is armed to the teeth and can do many tasks ... well, at this point I'm skeptical.

I'd be curious if there is a single aircraft this F-35 is supposed to replace, which it can actually best in that category.

If it is inferior in the specific features of the stuff it's replacing, it's pretty much a terrible aircraft.

Comment: Re:Dogfights?! What year is it?! (Score 5, Insightful) 768 768

WTF?! When was the last time you've ever heard of a dogfight?
The days of air-to-air combat are long gone. And where air-to-air combat is still needed, long range missiles take care of it.

Well, the reality is, like shock and awe, you can't just pretend you don't have to cover certain parts of warfare.

So, bombing the shit out of stuff and thinking people will become demoralized and welcome you with open arms ... utterly useless if you can't put boots on the ground. For the same reason that bombing ISIS only goes so far.

And, likewise, if you can't maintain air superiority in an up close and personal manner, you can't do the roles like close air ground support. So if you do have boots on the ground, you can't keep them safe if you get your ass kicked.

People can pretend this will never be needed again. That doesn't mean if you ever found yourself in an actual war you wouldn't.

So, if the people you're up against have things which can beat you down in a dogfight, you could quickly find yourself realizing you're ill equipped for a given situation.

Somewhere along the line they decided to make the Swiss-Army knife of aircraft, which it turns out is terribly suited to most of its applications.

Which is moot, because the plane is so late and over budget it should never go into production .. in which case it's years of wasted money and effort to come up with a solution which doesn't work.

Which, sadly, was what people said from the beginning.

Comment: Big giant scam ... (Score 5, Insightful) 768 768

This damned plane has been a big scam from the beginning.

It was going to be all things to all people, but in reality it was a way to get other countries to pay for the R&D of a huge wishlist of things which was never going to come true.

As someone who lives in one of the countries who got suckered into the F-35, this program has been nothing but lies and bullshit since it was announced.

This was the military listing a huge wishlist of things, including a pony, they were going to do.

Instead, it's underperforming, not up to the claims, over budget, years behind schedule, and still a crappy replacement for the things it was supposed to be doing.

Everything about the F-35 has been a pile of lies of bullshit since it was announced. And it seems like everybody (except the people selling it and the people who got conned into signing up for it) has know this for that entire time.

I hope everybody says "piss off" and walks away from the contract.

This plane is proving what people have been saying for the last decade -- that it was never going to live up to the promises made.

As a supposed air-superiority platform, this is an utter failure. I bet they don't even have the VTOL version working yet.

Comment: Re:Kinda similar ... (Score 2) 183 183

Well, for many things, I'm sure outsmarting me probably isn't rocket surgery.

The problem is we're a low-volume printing household -- so when the time comes to start looking for a new toner cartridge, we go online and determine we can buy a whole new printer for considerably less than the replacement cartridge.

Even accounting for the partially filled cartridge, it's still cheaper. I think we've literally seen printer+cartridge for 1/2 the price of the cartridge if you get the right sale.

Comment: Re:HUD should only show vital information (Score 1) 190 190

What sane person who could afford it, wouldn't pay $5k, once, for a chauffeur?

Well, that's kind of the issue .. the people who have $5k will, and everybody else won't. I sure as fuck wouldn't pay $5k for it.

V2V stands to be fucked up for a multiplicity of reasons: shitty engineering, corporations trying to monetize it, and privacy issues are the ones which immediately come to mind.

I maintain that all technologies which are touted as "so awesome we can't say no", but which are predicated on consumers paying for, are usually doomed to fail. Precisely because they require everybody else pays for your vision of the awesome future.

Because the people saying "so awesome we can't so no" are either the people selling us the technology, in which case they've got a vested interest .. or it's by naive futurists who don't think about such pesky details as who pays for it.

And when the technology morphs from "the car ahead will turn left soon" into "Bob Smith is turning left in 50 yards and his GPS is taking him to the liquor sore", people will realize what a cesspool this kind of technology is. No thanks.

So, you can buy it. You can be a cheerleader for it. You can even drive in a car with it.

And some of us will continue to see it as just more crap being sold to us, and which has both financial and privacy considerations beyond simply "well, who wouldn't want that?".

Just like all technologies which seem to be predicated on the world shelling out huge sums of money to bring in the shiny new future, but which will mostly benefit the wealthy, the government, and corporations.

In fact, over the last 20 years my signpost has been "how much does this technology require everybody else to pony up to make it work?".

The more reliance on everybody else footing the bill to benefit a small percentage of people, the less likely it is to be adopted.

Comment: Kinda similar ... (Score 2) 183 183

We have a couple of Brother laser printers in the house .. one's just a printer, the other is the same laser printer base with a scanner/fax/photocopier thing on the top. The both use the same cartridge.

The problem is that a new toner cartridge costs as much as a new printer, which comes with a toner cartridge. It's almost not cost effective to replace the cartridge.

Every time we need a new cartridge my wife wants to recycle the printer and buy a new one.

The idea of that makes me cringe, but I can't defend that it costs less to buy the toner cartridge attached to a printer.

I don't know what to tell you to do. If the choice is jump through ridiculous hoops, pay extra, or say to hell with it and bin the cartridges ... I'm afraid chucking them in the garbage is the easiest choice.

If they're going to make it impossible to recycle the toner cartridges, people might give up on trying.

Comment: Re:If you're using GPL code, you have no choice (Score 1) 156 156

And, more importantly ... if you think the GPL is "viral" and will "contaminate" your code ... piss off and don't use the GPL code. You don't have a "right" to the code.

This isn't a real problem in that the GPL sneaks in and alters other code licenses when nobody is looking.

This is a problem in that people want to use the GPL code in a way which is incompatible with the GPL, and then they become whiny idiots about how unfair the GPL is to them.

You are perfectly free to not use GPL code. Just because you want to ignore the license doesn't mean a damned thing.

But if your business model is to take GPL code and then pretend you don't have to abide by the terms, that's your damned problem.

When this happens, as you say, this is someone choosing to use the GPL code and then wining about how unfair it is to have to adhere to the license.

The problem is people think the GPL code is some free code they can steal and do anything they want with it. And that is very far from reality.

Comment: Re:Probably GPL, but depends on Apple (Score 1) 156 156

It's "viral" because it takes over other licenses and spreads like a virus.

Consider this example: You modify some GPL'ed software with a bit of your own code that integrates with a BSD'ed library.

You wrote some GPL'ed code in a GPL'ed program. No biggie, you should've known what you were getting into when you did it.

Well, that's not a problem with the license.

It's the problem of people who are mixing and matching licenses and ignoring what they say.

This is a contrived example of someone doing a shitty job of combining licences. It's not an example of a failure of the license.

If you're grabbing stuff under incompatible licenses, throwing them together, and then complaining the licences are incompatible means you're doing it wrong, and that's your damned problem.

If you don't want this problem, don't be stupid and assume you're allowed to use code which mixes multiple licenses and then claim it's someone else's fault.

You're bitching about a problem which is self inflicted as a result of being too lazy to actually follow the licences. You don't have a magic right to use stuff of differing licences and pretend like it's someone else's responsibility to make them work together, and it's stupid to blame it on the GPL.

Don't like the GPL? Go steal someone else's code. But stop acting like you're entitled to it and that it's a problem for you.

Comment: Re:ipv6 incompetence is nothing new. (Score 4, Insightful) 65 65

Well, then the real thing here is that despite everybody claiming IPv6 is awesome and super, there's crappy and inconsistent support for it.

So why should any small company or individual be doing anything about IPv6 when the big players aren't, and most of the existing products are apparently doing a terrible job of it?

IPv6 has been coming "Real Soon Now" for what feels like an eternity. People aren't going to spend money to change when they still need to figure out how to work with the legacy stuff.

You describe both the epic failure of IPv6 to gain widespread adoption, and the reasons why people are staying the hell away from it.

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