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Comment Legality aside... (Score 1) 231

Why didn't taxi/cab companies come up with better service like Uber? Cost seems only one differentiator - at least in the area I live there's no cab company that has an app as sophisticated as Uber in terms of knowing where it is, how long does it take to come, estimated cost...etc.

Comment Compensation level is simply absurd (Score 1) 214

Seriously, this is a good show and he apparently is very good at what he did. Nothing to do with him nor trying to discredit this, but the compensation level is simply absurd. Thinking about nurses, teachers or whoever that is very good at their job makes $70K a year. That's a 100x. Uniqueness This doesn't include actor/voice-over who does NOT have a Simpson's gig, but could be just as talented, but doing odd gigs for $70/day. To me, top notch entertainers are getting paid for what 95% of those who didn't make it big (like sports).

In a five year period we can get one superb programming language. Only we can't control when the five year period will begin.