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+ - New bill on illegal downloads in Canada let companies exchange personal info->

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grumpyman (849537) writes "New bill to crack down on illegal downloads in Canada allow private companies to exchange personal information with other companies if they believe there has been a breach of agreement, or a case of fraud. I copyright this message and therefore if you are reading it, you have broken the law. I demand that your ISP to provide me your name and address so I can launch a suit."
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Comment: Re:The "level playing field" taxi companies demand (Score 1) 72

by grumpyman (#46596297) Attached to: Taxis By Algorithm: Streamlining City Transport With Graph Theory
But like the bus system, there should be 'pricing' system that can make it work for all. I.e. taxi operators makes more (drive more ppl per trip), there's increase in wait time for people but the cost should be cheaper than before, and for people who doesn't want to share, well, higher price.

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