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by grumpyman (#46834801) Attached to: iPad Fever Is Officially Cooling
Hmm... my take is, app doesn't progressively become worse but there are just more and more. Similar ideas are implemented over and over (instead of when iPad/iPhone was just out) - nothing is really "cool" any more because of that (more same old). I'd argue the "good" app are as useful as before (how can a pdf mobile reader be less useful today than before?) - but the novelty is no longer there not because of app, the novelty of the tablet+app uniqueness are well exploited (touch-base, mobile, internet connected, GPS..etc.). There won't be a whole lot of "cool app" until there are more novel hardware integrated into a tablet platform.

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grumpyman (849537) writes "New bill to crack down on illegal downloads in Canada allow private companies to exchange personal information with other companies if they believe there has been a breach of agreement, or a case of fraud. I copyright this message and therefore if you are reading it, you have broken the law. I demand that your ISP to provide me your name and address so I can launch a suit."
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