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Comment: This is how capitalism is suppose to work. (Score 1) 441

by grumpyman (#47732179) Attached to: Tech Looks To Obama To Save Them From 'Just Sort of OK' US Workers
Would you buy a product in US while you get exactly the same product for half price from China? I am not advocating one way or the other but this is how the system is suppose to operate. Or I go one step further, this is all based on people's fundamental drive for greed (or you call it productivity?) - don't blame the "system".

Comment: Re:Vaccine is coming (Score 1) 409

I am not an expert but, trials expected to begin in humans soon - sounds like it just started phase 2 approval. Typically that implies many years away from general use still..... Phase 1 == safety; Phase 2 == efficacy in small group; Phase 3 == efficacy with statistical significance. And typically phase 3 takes most time and resources. If this is the first time on human, it implies just starting phase 2.

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