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Comment Meanwhile, from Mediatek... (Score 1) 111

Last week after a long wait I finally got my Linkit Smart 7688 boards:

No, not $5.00, but at $13 from Seeed Studio it's not too bad. The killer was that they shipped from Hong Kong and that got pretty expensive. And it has built-in WiFi. A little strange in that it runs OpenWRT instead of Debian or some standard Linux distro, but it looks like it will be fun to experiment on.

Something tells me we're going to see a lot of these cheap little computers in the coming months, especially as smartphone sales level off.

Comment Re:Correlation != causation (Score 1) 115

I must be the exception then, because I'm losing weight on a calorie restrictive diet and aggressive exercise program. I've found that, at some points in the day I get a little hungry, but for the most part even though I'm usually eating well under 1500 kcal a day I'm just not feeling hungry. I'm eating a lot of green vegetables and drinking water, and once I get myself moving on a jog or bike ride my appetite seems to just dry up.

It probably helps that I've been in relatively good shape for most of my life, only getting fat after a dramatic job change (outside physical work to inside mental work) and getting lazy about exercise.

Comment Re:Correlation != causation (Score 1) 115

A Whopper with cheese is 730 calories. Add a "medium" fry @ 410 and a "medium" Coke @ 290 and the value meal weighs in at 1430 Kcal. That's one meal.

Never mind snacks (Doritos are 140 Kcal/oz, a 12 oz bag is easily eaten in one mindless eating session in front of the TV), 1680 Kcal, along with beer, soda or some other sweet stuff.

And if you go out to a "real sit-down" restaurant, the sky's the limit. Mexican food is especially calorie laden, and most places have huge portions too.

I've lost 30 pounds since September just by counting calories and aggressive exercise. By preparing my own meals and weighing them it's been extremely easy to stay under my target of 1500 Kcals/day, usually under 1000. If I were still trying to diet while eating out all the time I'd be pretty much doomed to failure.

Comment Re:I would have loved to hear the conversation (Score 1) 119

My guess is it went a little like this...

Spook #1: Well, to spy on terrorists it will take a lot of time effort and money. Congress will have to increase our budget.

Head Spook: I see. Well, that's going to make my job difficult.

Spook #2: Or how about we just spy on everyone so we can blackmail the President, Senate Intelligence Committee, whistle-blowers, the media and anyone who tries to get in our way?

Head Spook: Spook #2, congratulations! You're the new Spook #1.

Comment Never happen (Score 1) 305

The media will never go for it. Just like campaign finance reform, there's no upside for the infotainment complex. Since they're the ones controlling the discussion (and making all the money) there's 0% chance things will change.

It is cute how the AMA thinks they have some say in the matter though.

Comment Re:Texas is a free market state (Score 1) 211

Exactly! As long as the federal government keeps their thumb on the scale for wind power, these situations will continue. This isn't the only case of negative pricing for unneeded electricity, it happens in any grid where the law is that the ISO is required to buy wind power, whether it is needed or not.

Comment Re:A non-free market acts erratically. So? (Score 1) 211

I'd take an irrational, varied marketplace over a tightly controlled ones any day. You'll find after doing some research that many of the "irrational" markets are due to influence by regulators (such as the federal reserve controlling banking, keeping interest rates lower than the market would, as an example), or rent-seeking companies getting government favors.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 184

THE MARKET® should be building massive housing projects in order to fill a need for inexpensive housing. Why is that not the case? Maybe because the people who run the show like sitting on a very valuable resource (buildings), so they elect officials who put plenty of restrictions in place, such as height restrictions, "open spaces" or historical districts, in order to keep their resource scarce and expensive.

Not saying that in a true free market landlords might attempt to sabotage new entrants with other methods, but at some point someone would be able to break the cartel.

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