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Comment: Re:The real issue is with permissions (Score 1) 178

by grolschie (#40534619) Attached to: Facebook API Bug Deletes Contact Info On Phones
I was quite surprise when using the FB app on my Nokia Belle (Symbian^3) phone, to discover that my phone's contacts' photos had been populated from FB. I don't recall giving permission for this app to access my phone's address book. I certainly hope that the data goes only one-way (i.e from FB to phonebook, and not phonebook to FB). :-/

Comment: Pot Kettle Black (Score 1) 662

by grolschie (#37101404) Attached to: Cop Seeks Wiretapping Charges For Woman Who Videotaped Beating
"One of four police officers disciplined for the incident on Nov. 27, 2009, Michael Sedergren, has filed an application for a criminal complaint against videographer Tyrisha Greene. Sedergren, who was suspended for 45 days, claims it was illegal for Greene to videotape him without his consent."

I've seen the "Cops" TV program. Do the police get the suspects consent to film them?

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