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+ - Canadian University students protecting their IP

Submitted by innocent_white_lamb
innocent_white_lamb (151825) writes "Graduate students at Carleton University (Ottawa) are taking steps to protect their intellectual property and insuring that they are being properly recognized for their work, according to this article. This is in response to the increased commercialization of research done at universities, and high-profile cases of copyright infringement by professors at the University of Toronto and Indiana University."

+ - Island Raised by Earthquake

Submitted by
StupiderThanYou writes " ABC News Australia is reporting that the island of Ranongga in the Solomon Islands has been lifted three metres higher above sea level by a magnitude 8.1 earthquake on the 2nd of April. A surrounding coral reef popular with scuba divers is now dying in the sunlight, and there are fissures opened up in the island and surrounding seabed. At least they'll be under less threat from rising sea levels."

+ - Second Life Coding for Software Engineers

Submitted by
blackbearnh writes "Second Life has hatched a whole new generation of novice programmers into the world, most struggling to learn techniques that seasoned software engineers have known for years. But for a professional programmer who wants to start working in Second Life, it's exactly the reverse situation. The Linden Scripting Language has so many limitations that you have to throw half of what you've learned out the window. How can you create bug-free, performant code in a development environment where you don't even have arrays. I recently took half a year of development experience in Second Life and turned it into this guide to software engineering in Second Life, on"

+ - says geeks make better lovers

Submitted by
christian.einfeldt writes "Let it never be said that geeks are not hot. As in sexy hot. So says none other than sex expert Regina Lynn, the sex-tech goddess who writes's weekly 'Sex Drive' column. In this week's installment, Regina explains why geeks can put a new twist on the 'Field of Dreams' quip that 'if you build it, he will come:'

'Don't be surprised if your geek lover puts more thought into arranging the boudoir than you do, or if common household items soon take on a new dimension. More than one geek has told me that Home Depot is their favorite adult store.'
If you can imagine it, you can build it, and who has more fertile imaginations for tool and toy building than Slashdot readers?"

"Mach was the greatest intellectual fraud in the last ten years." "What about X?" "I said `intellectual'." ;login, 9/1990