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Comment: Re:Let me translate (Score 1) 210

by gr8scot (#30673262) Attached to: Ubuntu "Memberships" Questioned
Good point about the Starship Troopers movie. It's one thing to omit some events for the unofficial two-hour limit, but that thing was really untrue to the essence of the book whose title, plot and characters it lifted for a contrary theme and message (or absence of any, which is also contrary to the book's intent).

Good use of the book as analogy, too. Rights logically imply responsibilities. What's the problem?

RIAA Website Hacked 247

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the maybe-someone-just-typed-rm--rf dept.
gattaca writes "A lack of security controls allowed hackers to "wipe" the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) website on Sunday. The existence of an SQL injection attack on the RIAA's site came to light via social network news site Reddit. Soon after hackers were making merry, turning the site into a blank slate, among other things. The RIAA has restored, although whether it's any more secure than before remains open to question, TorrentFreak reports."

Online Crime Seen as Growing Threat to Business, Politics 89

Posted by Zonk
from the can't-we-all-just-play-some-wow dept.
BobB passed us a link to a NetworkWorld article, exploring the ongoing realization in business circles of the dangers online criminals pose. The piece raises the possibility that criminal elements are gaining access to US research labs in an effort to ferret out corporate and governmental information. One institute referred to in the article states: "Economic espionage will be increasingly common as nation-states use cyber theft of data to gain economic advantage in multinational deals. The attack of choice involves targeted spear phishing with attachments, using well-researched social engineering methods to make the victim believe that an attachment comes from a trusted source." We just recently discussed possible hacker involvement in several municipal blackouts.
Operating Systems

FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE Now Available 100

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the put-the-daemon-back-in-the-box dept.
cperciva writes "FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE, the fourth release from the highly successful 6-STABLE branch of FreeBSD development, has been released. In addition to being available from many FTP sites, ISO images can be downloaded via the BitTorrent tracker, or for users of earlier FreeBSD releases, FreeBSD Update can be used to perform a binary upgrade."

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.