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Comment: Re:Hope no one hacks our entire Air Force one day (Score 1, Informative) 622

by gr3yh47 (#43014813) Attached to: Future Fighters Won't Need Ejection Seats
That's actually false. A cuniversity professor was able to use a spoof GPS attack on a military drone with nothing too expensive - all you have to do is make the drone think it's 3 feet higher than it should be and you can make it dive into the ground: "It’s not as if DHS is unaware of the issue. Todd Humphreys, an assistant professor at the University of Texas’ Cockrell School of Engineering Radionavigation Laboratory and a group of UT researchers demonstrated the impact of GPS "spoofing" on drones at a DHS-organized test in June. Humphreys, who presented earlier this year at a conference at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory on GPS vulnerabilities to cell phone systems, used UT’s GPS spoofing gear to fool a helicopter drone’s GPS with data that showed it was rising, resulting in it attempting to correct the fake climb; a safety pilot took over to prevent the drone from crashing." from:

Comment: Re:Uhm... (Score 1, Troll) 109

by gr3yh47 (#42171231) Attached to: Cheap Indie Games Make Wii U a Better Value
Because Wii U does it RIGHT by allowing devs to set their own prices and by actually promoting the content and not require some BS yearly subscription to be able to buy/play indie titles... and not forcing you to be connected to the internet to play them... and, well, a bunch of things they are doing right

Comment: Re:You are not Nintendo's target market (Score 4, Insightful) 173

by gr3yh47 (#42145077) Attached to: Hackers Discover Wii U's Processor Design and Clock Speed
Nintendo's target market WAS Young, and casual gamers, and you are taking for granted that being a hardcore gamer means that you must want the best graphics, and it's just wrong. Games used to be HARD. HARD HARD HARD, like not meant to be finished by most people. and FUN. because back then they didnt have excellent graphics to prop themselves up on (thus having to focus on FUN) and couldnt fit 40 hours of pretty easy content on their media (thus being HARD to extend the life of the game) IMO true hardcore gamers care about gameplay more than anything. With the Wii U specifically, Nintendo is actually opening up their target audience to include mature (Zombi U, Arkham City, COD:BO2) while games like Mighty Switch Force! Hyper-Drive Edition and Nano-Force NEO will appear to hardcore gamers looking for a challenge. Don't take for granted that the tablet is a gimmick. Zombi U was unfortunately misunderstood and is an awesome game that makes great use of the tablet, and even ports like Batman and BO2 make excellent use of the tablet controller to provide functionality in a way that can't happen on other systems. On top of that and despite all the fears leading up to launch, Nintendo actually knocked the online aspect out of the park as Miiverse is incredible and much better than I've seen on any other console. And yes, Devs don't figure out how to properly utilize console hardware right away. 1080p@60fps is plenty for me, now bring on the FUN because that's all I care about

Comment: Re:Serialized? (Score 1) 144

by gr3yh47 (#42000803) Attached to: Crooks Steal $1.5M In iPads From JFK

Yep Serial number is engrained in it. And they can track who actually has it by the IP of the host machine when it connects to iTunes.

No, No they cannot. They can figure out who has it if someone logs into iTunes, but an IP does not identify a person.

If people track the serial numbers of your hardware and report it to them they can disable it and potentially find it. Guaranteed they will be this time.

What people are tracking and reporting serials? and disabling and finding the device are pretty mutually exclusive. As others have pointed out, Apple will likely prefer making money from app sales on these devices, while some insurance company covers the monetary loss of the hardware.

Comment: Re:When a student goes missing ... (Score 1) 540

by gr3yh47 (#41683715) Attached to: Texas Schools Using Electronic Chips To Track Students; Parents In Uproar
How is that a conspiracy theory? It's pretty basic understanding that everything gets more advanced or acceptible by genrations because of the kids that grew up with (insert concept here) to be adults. It's plainly visible in music, 'morals', technological advances, and many other things, including what kind of surveillance we allow ourselves to be subjected to.

Comment: Re:When a student goes missing ... (Score 5, Insightful) 540

This is how surveillance states gain ground in leaps and bounds over generations. Kids that are GPS tracked by their parents get used to being GPS tracked by authority and as adults, don't mind it or are less likely to *actually* fight it from a state/national authority. Same logic here, with RFID chip tracking.

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