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+ - Ask Slashdot: Custom home server with video capture

Submitted by gr3yh47
gr3yh47 (2023310) writes "Fellow Slashdotters,
I am looking to build a home server to serve a few purposes — media server, backup/general storage, low to mid range gaming — but, most importantly (to me) I want to be able to capture video input from my consoles. I need to be able to run my component video and composite video systems through it. I need the same outputs as well so i can run the signal to the TV without splitting. And, Ideally, I'd like capture to happen automatically whenever the box detects a signal.

should I go intel or AMD? what OS? what video cap hardware and software? what other hardware should I grab?

I'd like to keep it under/around $1000"

+ - Ask Slashdot: home server with auto video capture

Submitted by
gr3yh47 writes "Hey all. I am moving into a new apartment soon and want to build a home server that will automatically record gameplay when it detects a video signal.
There will be 2 signals going into the server, one component and one composite. What capture cards would you recommend? should I run Ubuntu or W7? What software will automatically start recording any time a signal is coming through one of the inputs? Any other general advice for the server build?


+ - Texas exposes SSNs of 3.5mil for a year->

Submitted by gr3yh47
gr3yh47 (2023310) writes ""Following last week's massive Epsilon e-mail breach, it feels as if all of us suddenly have a little too much personal information floating around online. And now, a large group of Texans are about to have it a lot worse: the state revealed Monday that personal information for 3.5 million citizens has been exposed to the public, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and more. ""
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+ - A Brief History of Ruckstock and how it was Killed->

Submitted by gr3yh47
gr3yh47 (2023310) writes ""The Rustock botnet, responsible at its height for sending 30 billion spam e-mails a day, went silent last Wednesday. Its command and control servers, responsible for telling the millions of machines recruited into the network which spams to send, were taken offline. With the botnet now headless, the deluge of spam was halted.

Security researchers tracking spam production immediately noticed the drop in spam volume. But what they didn't know was why the botnet went silent. Rustock's spam output had declined before, only to bounce back. Was this latest drop a temporary hiatus as the botnet's operators prepared to unleash a new torrent of spam, or was it something more?""

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+ - Apple Sues Amazon over "App Store" trademark->

Submitted by gr3yh47
gr3yh47 (2023310) writes ""Apple is suing for trademark infringement and unfair competition over its use of the term "App Store." The complaint, filed in US District Court for the Northern California District on Friday, asks that Amazon be ordered to stop using "Appstore" to refer to its soon-to-be-launched Google Android Market clone.""
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