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Comment PlanForge? (Score 1) 590

I am shocked no one has made an open competitor. I do have trouble understanding who the market is? It is other public school teachers or homeschoolers? If it is other public school teachers, than it is money out situation for them. Probably their own money too. It makes much more sense for the homeschooled. However, a la carte lesson plans would add up fast!

Comment Re:I call bullsh*t! (Score 3, Insightful) 331

This will turn out to be that 95% of music files downloaded were not downloaded legally from RIAA artists. There is a huge world world out there they are not looking at, both geographically and musically. There are massive amounts of unpaid but legal downloads from artists that allow D/Ls, international artists, and D/L services for pay or not that do not sell songs from RIAA artists, etc.

Comment Re:Distributed computing? (Score 3, Insightful) 254

They have the mobile google-boxes all over the place, but there are still a number of purposes for a static, secure, and reliable data center. I think a combination of the two makes the most effective system. High speed coupled with high reliability, with everything able to reroute in real time.

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