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Comment: Re:When is a bank not a bank (Score 0) 775

by gontech (#33538740) Attached to: PayPal Withholding Indie Game Dev's €600,000 Account
I have a friend with a Citi card describe that feature to me. I looked around Bank of America to see if they had something similar, and it turns out they do. They call it ShopSafe or something like that. But, just like paperless statements, Washington state customers can't use it because BofA is completely inept and hasn't consolidated Seafirst's system since they were bought almost 30 years ago.

Comment: Re:VOIP (Score 1) 258

by gontech (#31515388) Attached to: Mississippi Makes Caller ID Spoofing Illegal
I wondered about that, too. It seems like they thought about it in the bill:

"False information" means data that misrepresents the identity of the caller to the recipient of a call or to the network itself; however, when a person making an authorized call on behalf of another person inserts the name, telephone number or name and telephone number of the person on whose behalf the call is being made, such information shall not be deemed false information.


Rock Band To Allow Independent Artists To Add Their Own Songs 57

Posted by Soulskill
from the paging-stevie-ray-vaughan's-ghost dept.
Bakkster writes "Independent artists will be able to use the XNA Creator's Club to produce the Rock Band note-charts for their music and sell them in game later this year. Bands will use their original song masters and generate a MIDI file that produces the game 'gems' to which players can follow along. Tracks must pass a review process with other XNA members, and then a final approval from MTV Games. Songs will be sold for between 50 cents and $3, with the artist getting a 30% cut after MTV and Microsoft take their cut. The best tracks will also make their way to the Wii and PS3 after a 30-day exclusive period."

Phoenix Mars Lander Deploys Robotic Arm, Possibly Finds Ice 168

Posted by Soulskill
from the armed-and-gregarious dept.
The Phoenix Mars Lander has successfully deployed its robotic arm and tested other instruments including a laser designed to detect dust, clouds, and fog. The arm will be used to dig up samples of the Martian surface, which will be analyzed as a possible habitat for life. A camera on the arm will allow pictures to be taken of the ground directly beneath the lander. The camera has already seen what may be ice, which was exposed when the soil was disturbed by the landing. The data collected by the arm will be compared to recent findings which suggest that water on Mars may have been too salty for most known forms of life.
Real Time Strategy (Games)

+ - Starcraft Pro Hands-On of Starcraft II->

Submitted by liquidmetalslime
liquidmetalslime (1015473) writes "Here's a hands-on review of Starcraft II from the hardcore gamer's perspective at This article talks more about the hotkey inconsistencies and overpowered units, stuff real Starcraft players care more about rather than just "what's cool" that you can find on any other game review site. For those that weren't able to play Starcraft II at BlizzCon, this will give you the recap of what to expect."
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PC Games (Games)

+ - Nearly Entire id Back Catalog Now on Steam

Submitted by
Pluvius writes "The constantly growing list of games available on Valve's online-gaming network Steam has become even more impressive with a contribution from id software. With the exception of the relatively new Quake IV and a few early games, every PC game released by id is now available, including the first five Commander Keen episodes, the Wolfenstein games, the Doom series, most of the Quake series, Heretic and HeXen, and all of the addons and expansions thereof. Better yet, all of these games can be bought together at the low price of $70, minus a 10% discount if you buy before August 10. Other packages are also available."

+ - YouTube video-fingerprinting due in September->

Submitted by
Tech.Luver writes "theRegister reports," a company lawyer told the presiding judge that its YouTube video-sharing site would unveil a long-delayed video recognition system this fall, "hopefully in September." According to the lawyer, Philip Beck, the system will be as sophisticated as fingerprinting technology used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Associated Press reports. Google's Philip Beck said the system would require help from copyright holders. Once a holder provides a particular piece of content, the system will generate a fingerprint capable of identifying it. Then, if anyone tries to upload the content to YouTube, the site will shutdown "within a minute or so" on the user's machine. ""
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