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Comment Re:Pirated copies are good for viewing... (Score 1) 199

But, for a permanent place in a collection, the better produced DVDs with extra content are much preferable. I buy the DVDs of the shows I like as soon as they are released. Pirated stuff isn't good enough to be a "keeper".

Not actually true in my experience. I've found that, at least for content released in the US, you can usually find a fansubbing group who did a magnificently better job than whatever group got the US license. There's still worth in buying the US versions to support the industry, but the industry is often producing in months or years a worse product than you can get for free hours after the episode airs in Japan.

Good fansubbing groups are much more conscientious about typography, timing, translation, and explanation than I generally see from the industry. AND I get the whole thing in an easily portable, easily convertible format with neat soft subs. What's not to love?

Buy the DVD and if you're not subjected to horrible voiceovers from the same five people who seem to do every anime ever produced in the US* then you'll have horrible, solid yellow or white, aliased, blocky, poorly-wrapped subtitles that make all kinds of weird decisions about what to translate and how. And I've never seen a U.S. industry release that will translate signs, messages on cell phones, blackboards, notes, etc., much less in the right location on screen and in a font that matches the spirit of the original writing.

If the anime industry in the US ever wants to complain about sales these are the things they should fix. *Disclaimer, there may be some slightly irate exaggeration and/or hyperbole in this statement. Viewer discretion is advised.

Comment Re:Define "working well" (Score 1) 314

This is true, but don't even get me started on Objective-C. It has its good points, some of which I even miss when programming in other languages—but it's on the whole a mediocre language propped up by some amazing libraries.
I think this guy said it best.

I mean, requiring the programmer to explicitly allocate and de-allocate each member of a class? Explicit allocation and destruction of your super class? It can FAIL and you have to check that in the constructor of every class you write?

No thanks.

Comment Re:Who reboots? (Score 1) 440

I also hear that Windows 7 unpacks itself, even if it has to levitate across the room to do it. Windows 7 installs are often accompanied by unicorn sightings and transcendent feelings of goodwill towards all men. At least that's what I think they told me... I may have a few of my details crossed. Microsoft wouldn't lie to me though, so it's probably close enough.

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