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Comment Did this with "cache offline" too (Score 1) 255

They also did this with offline caching. It used to be I could cache up to five map areas offline on my tablet. Inexplicably, they took it away. Then they brought it back but it's not in the menu of commands, you have to type "ok maps". I suspect a patent issue but it would be nice if Google gave an explanation. Removing useful features seems counter intuitive to say the least.

Comment I sense desperation (Score 1) 286

Writing to employees' families and referring to his organization as a "national treasure" both give off a sense of defensiveness. As another poster said, they will almost certainly weather the political storm and continue doing what they do, but this letter doesn't make them look any better.

Comment Re:Personally, I don't see a conflict (Score 1) 1774

Persecution? I only pointed out the same thing you did - that the Genesis story was written by people who didn't know anything more about the creation of the universe than anyone else at the time, so there's no reason to try to reconcile it with science. Islamic creationists are just as stupid as Christian creationists.

Comment Re:Personally, I don't see a conflict (Score 1) 1774

Well, there are all the other texts that also claim to be knowledge of God conferred to a human to write down. But I would think a claim as extraordinary as "This book was written by a man who was in direct communication with God" would need some evidence supporting it before we would be expected to take it seriously.

Comment Re:Personally, I don't see a conflict (Score 5, Interesting) 1774

Wouldn't it make more sense to believe that Genesis was written by people who had no more idea about how the earth, sun, moon, and stars formed than anyone else who was alive at the time? Why perpetuate the idea that some guy got knowledge directly from God and then wrote it down?

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