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Comment Re: How does Ubuntu Linux compare? (Score 1) 522

Again, the two things are not equivalent, and the fact that phones suck at privacy is NOT reason to go make desktops suck at privacy too.

That's complete nonsense about not being equivalent. Desktop OSes are old tech, as such they did not have spying before. Smartphone OSes were created during the Internet era and have a ton of spying built into them. What's happening is that modern desktop OSes are catching up to smartphone OSes and adding spying. So yes, Android spyware OS is equivalent to Win 10 spyware OS.

Comment Re:this is quite normal, said the panda-fish-robot (Score 1) 102

Wait, they're demanding that their content receive special legal protections solely on basis of its resolution?

Why not? As resolutions tend towards movie-ilke quality, the more valuable they are perceived by the TV studios.

Music companies don't care if you copy low-quality music (like concerts or cassettes), but will sue if you copy high quality (256-bit mp3 and higher) music files.

Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things. (Score 1) 227

Isn't it time ISPs started offering symmetric speed DSL? Then we could upload/download those photos through our own home servers without needing the privacy-invading cloud servers. With the current pathetic upload speeds in most home DSL plans, it's difficult to download anything big from a home server.

Comment Re:Nested comment bug (Score 1) 1825

Can we get confirmation this bug is getting fixed? The duplicate posts are okay, however, the bug also hides 70% of the posts while repeating the remaining 30% posts over and over.

How can such a severe bug (hiding comments) not be fixed for 10 years? Are there no developers available at /. to fix issues? AFAIK, this bug has existed ever since /. decided to split comments into multiple pages.

Comment Re:Isn't this what --preserve-root is for? (Score 2) 698

That you reached +5 makes me weep for Slashdot.

It's completely normal for a *nix based system to expose something like UEFI variables through the filesystem. It's a concept called Everything is a File [wikipedia.org] and is the same reason why root can read and poke places in /proc and /dev to get information about the system or make changes to it.

That is a very shortsighted statement. Nowhere did I mention not to expose the EFI variables as files. My only condition was that EFI should make it very difficult for the OS or any other software to f*ck up these variables that are needed to boot up the system. But it would surprise me that as the systemd of the BIOS world, EFI, would be based on sane design decisions.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1305

It just means that you don't believe in your views enough to put your UUID them and be held accountable for them at even that level. That would be why they're called "cowards.

The way slashdot calls these anonymous people "cowards" seems like a bit of double standards to me. Why doesn't /. show the UUID of the people who mod a post up or down and their rationale for voting the way they did? Hiding mod identity is pure hypocrisy.

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