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Comment Re:Could Xiaomi take over? (Score 1) 168

Samsung did the best job of anyone trying to differentiate their phones, and as such was the only profitable Android manufacturer for several years. But even they are losing market share rapidly to the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei and their profits have fallen off a cliff in the past couple years.

I think they're making great profits even if they pretend not to. Their prices are only slightly lower than Apple's very premium pricing and all they do is integrate components from other manufacturers (OS from Google, RAM from memory vendors, CPU from Qualcomm etc.). They are very similar to PC motherboard makers like ASUS and charging $200 to $700 per phone gives them plenty of profit.

It's just like the PC market where the multitude of motherboard makers have a small profit margin, whereas the few component makers for CPU, chipset, RAM, hard disks etc. make decent or fat profits.

Comment Re:Why do they hate capitalism? (Score 1) 250

In the case of surge pricing.. the price prevents shortage from existing, does't it?

That may be a touted side-effect, but the real reason is Uber has ample opportunity to gouge the customers when there are fewer taxis. The solution to prevent shortage is very simple: allow and encourage more drivers during busy times.

Uber drivers are part-time workers. It would be easy for Uber to schedule more drivers when the public needs them the most and thereby keeping the fare constant. But no, they are greedy, so they resort to surge pricing.

Comment Re:What, this is idiotic! (Score 1) 280

Utility patents are only granted for significant innovations. You have to use trade secrets for minor innovations (such as quantity of a certain spice in a dish). And you can't get design patents on the appearance of a dish. So the business has to take matter into its own hands and prohibit such activity (that hurts profits), or are you unaware that filming a video inside a movie theater is a crime?

I've said this in another thread, but IP laws are very lax and were created several hundred years ago when there were very few types of IP and copying and transmitting IP was very expensive, unlike today, where IP is very important.

When considering a dish in a restaurant, what is the patron allowed to do with the dish needs to be clearly specified and what IP is prohibited should be clearly specified.

Comment Re:What, this is idiotic! (Score 1) 280

And brick-and-mortar bookstores allow you to read books that are on sale. Are you saying it's legal and okay I take photos with smartphone of all the useful pages of a book while I'm in the bookstore? Your "occurring in public" is not a good enough excuse.

A customer or competitor can replicate the recipe more easily if he took the photo than if he did not.

Bottom line: the product is on sale for consumption, but its trade and design secrets are not available for sale unless you pay a hefty fee and license them.

Comment Re:What, this is idiotic! (Score 1) 280

The food was cooked to order on behalf of the customer. There is an implied transfer of ownership and all rights from the restaurant (or chef) to the customer, hence the customer is allowed to destroy the chef's work without being sued.

LOL, just because you order a dish, does not mean you are the new owner of its recipe, its presentation etc. You just have the right to eat and enjoy it, that's all. There is no other "transfer of ownership" of trade secrets and design of the dish.

Comment Re:Their math about taxi costs doesn't make any se (Score 1) 204

it was about $10 for me to get a ride home.

That's assuming you live really close to the bar. What if the distance were longer and you had to pay $75-100, each way, so $150 minimum just for the rides? Most people can't afford $200 just for the rides.

Comment Re:Java was GPL'd (Score 1) 457

a lot of vague claims about the interface being copyrightable (based on the names of the classes! i.e. trying to claim the interface as copyright material).

Fine. Next time I have a large project I will ask you to analyze the problem and design the interfaces/class declarations. I will then take/copy those interfaces from you without paying you a penny. Any half-competent programmer will implement those interfaces you donated for free.

Comment Re:Oracle works its miracle (Score 1) 457

Java is no longer the carrot/bait to get users to buy Sun computers. Java is far more important than commodity hardware and Sun took too long to realize that or monetize Java's value like Oracle is trying to.

Frankly, IP laws are quite lax if Google can simply take major parts of Java, reimplement the remaining parts, and pay Oracle exactly $0.

Comment Re:Can we quit pretending that it's car "sharing"? (Score 1) 231

If there was no limitation on the number of taxis, the market would be flooded with taxi drivers and their wages would plummet (although that would be good for the customers). It would also create massive traffic jams. So it's not 100% about the money, maybe just 30%.

Also, if Uber can run taxis without permission from the authorities, why can't any Joe do the same?

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