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Comment: Re:Uh, what? (Score 1) 89

by gnupun (#49172109) Attached to: Khronos Group Announces Vulkan To Compete Against DirectX 12

This removes the need for a shader language parser in the graphics driver. It still needs a compiler, unless you think the GPU is going to natively execute the bytecode. If you remove the compiler from a modern GPU driver, then there's very little left...

In compiler lingo, the source code to parse tree/bytecode converter is called the front end. The piece of code that takes the parse tree/bytecode and generates native machine code is called the back end.

So the new spec removes the compiler front end from the graphics driver, greatly improving performance. Only the compiler back end is present in the graphics driver.

Comment: Re:Morale of the Story (Score 1) 215

I don't think it's entirely zero-profit for backers. If the project succeeds then I get a thing that I wanted that might not otherwise have been created.

Or you could have waited for the item to be available in stores and bought it, risk-free. Let other people take the risk.

Comment: Re:Morale of the Story (Score 2) 215

Paying with equity would be illegal, and thus not such a great idea.

Perhaps, but profit sharing is common. For example, 30% of mobile app sales go to Apple or Google. In a similar fashion, 1% sales or 5% profit of all future sales of the kickstarted product should go to the backers. Without their collective risk-taking and investment in the creator's idea, there is going to be no product to be sold.

If you don't charge anything to the creators, even rich companies like Microsoft and Apple are going put up kickstarter pages for any product remotely risky. That is, making the backers pay (like in TFA case), for any risk involved.

And FYI, Kickstarter is not a donation platform as evidenced by the dozens of angry posts about "we want full refund."

Comment: Re:Morale of the Story (Score 3, Interesting) 215

Don't Kickstart something that seems like a good idea but has never been done before.

Terrible advice. The whole point of kickstarter is to invest in something new and risky. But right now the game is tilted towards fleecing backers. If the project succeeds, the creators become filthy rich but if it fails, the creators lose nothing whereas the backers get nothing for risking their micro-capital. It's a zero-loss game for creators and a zero-profit game for backers.

This would change if the backers were paid with equity -- say greater of 1% of total sales or 5% of profit of product being backed. If some products fail, while others succeed, there is a good chance backers won't lose money.

Comment: Re:Facts + Politics == ? (Score 1) 375

by gnupun (#49163335) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

Easy, facts are determined by:
a) proof
b) authority figures (scientists, politicians, book authors etc.)
c) combined opinion of many experts and wannabe experts.

(a) is the only valid form of fact but is often difficult to obtain and therefore you have rely on (b) and/or (c). BTW, slashdot uses the (c) model for facts.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 187

by gnupun (#49158139) Attached to: Foxconn Factories' Future: Fewer Humans, More Robots

Because leftists are societal parasites unemployment is a good achievement in their eyes.

Why not? If companies can build robots to replace workers, can't the common man build robots to obviate his requirement to work. The robot would do all the chores, build houses, buy/grow your food and cook it, etc. You could also 3D print appliances and tools yourself. Who needs companies?

In 100-200 years time, there will be wars over natural resources such as land for food or raw materials for 3D printing. All you need for jobless existence is robots, raw materials and power (electricity).

Comment: Re:We need hardware write-protect for firmware (Score 2) 323

by gnupun (#49157997) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Does One Verify Hard Drive Firmware?

This could work. As long as the OS is not started during the update... only an uninfected BIOS running and a flash drive would be involved in updating whatever firmware requires updating.

Also, the BIOS should flag an error and stop booting to OS if any firmware switch is in the write-enable position.

Comment: Re:We need hardware write-protect for firmware (Score 2) 323

by gnupun (#49157949) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Does One Verify Hard Drive Firmware?

What good will physical switches do if a virus is waiting for you to flip that switch to write-enable so that it can now infect the HDD firmware? Switches would be useful if you never update the firmware. In which case, eliminate the switch and make the firmware permanently read-only. My point is, we need a more secure way to update firmware.

Comment: Re:Oh, fuck me, this old story again? (Score 1) 347

by gnupun (#49147939) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates

Class "2" (when the work packages have been built out) +50 / -10%

I hope you realize the task at hand has not been done before in the same way as Scotty repairing the warp drive or someone clearing dry leaves from around their trees. This software task has not been done before. So how exactly do you calculate X in your formula:
X +50 / -10%

Dozens of posts in this slashdot thread about "It's easy. Just multiply your estimate X, by 2, or 3 or 4." Fine, but how exactly do you come up with X other than pulling it out of your ass?

Comment: Re:Well someone has to do it (Score 1) 347

by gnupun (#49145369) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates

In this case, please inform me what the fuck that useless manager is here for? If I have to do his job, he's essentially a waste of precious oxygen.

I think the manager is essential mainly to make sure programmers are not wasting too much time on games, slashdot, other social media, chit chat, etc. He also monitors the programmers and the situation around the project to provide feedback/status to upper management so they can decide whether to continue the project, change it or outright cancel it. He can be useful to programmers in connecting them with other developers or customers, or providing hardware, software or other relevant expensive stuff.

Comment: Re:ignorant hypocrites (Score 3, Interesting) 347

by gnupun (#49141975) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates

so, estimating time is a waste of time, but complaining about estimating time is not?

No, you complain only once, whereas software estimation has to be done over and over for every task... for many years. Software coding/design is similar to solving a maze -- you just can't give an accurate estimate how long it will take to solve the maze. Estimates are good for repetitive or non-creative tasks that have been done for many years and you know exactly how long some task takes.

Estimation in the software world is a scam perpetuated by managers and management to get developers to work extra hard.

Comment: Re:What's different now?... (Score 1) 257

by gnupun (#49135355) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

Just as buggy whip makers couldn't possibly think of the millions of jobs automobiles would create, tomorrows technology will destroy current jobs while creating new ones.

You don't get it. If any of these new jobs are repetitive and require little creativity, a cheap robot can replace the human worker.

I expect as car ownership is reduced, many garages become workshops, studios, and project labs for lots of fun new ideas that will create many new jobs that computers couldn't possible come up with,

The problem there is, only a few people are interested in such (risky) endeavors, and only a small of fraction of their ideas are useful. What do you expect the rest of the people to do?

Comment: Re:Companies ask for it (Score 0) 186

by gnupun (#49129929) Attached to: Jury Tells Apple To Pay $532.9 Million In Patent Suit

Start reforming what can be patented. No software patents

That is moronic... most industry innovation is coming from software (which BTW, is just like hardware, but cheaper and easier to create) rather than hardware. How many hardware patents were filed last year compared to software patents? Not many, I bet.

Remove software patents and there will be no motivation to invest millions/billions in innovative software that can be cloned by competitors in a year or two.

throw out the crap that is obviously not invention but intellectual property land-grabbing.

Agreed, reject overly broad patents that are a simple combination of existing technologies (eg: internet + DRM + mobile phone).

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