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Comment: Sad times (Score 1) 382

Mod me down to hell if you want, but I remember when Yahoo was the big search engine. I remember seeing a friend's PC doing the smooth transitions because he had win 95's fun pack or something, and he was using Yahoo (and I kept telling him to use hotbot)

(I was still using OS/2 at the time with with win 3.11 wfw)

Comment: Re:Toronto Municipal Gov't divided (Score 1) 168

by Hamsterdan (#48417143) Attached to: City of Toronto Files Court Injunction Against Uber

This is not different from standard taxis (at least in Montreal). The permit is over 200,000$, so the drivers still have to work their ass off to make a little money.

This is (again) lobbying instead of competing. Uber is not the first victim. Aereo was pretty much shut down, and there are countless other examples.

What about taxi companies writing their own applications and provide the same service?

Comment: Re:Boarding issues (Score 1) 418

by Hamsterdan (#48393065) Attached to: Japanese Maglev Train Hits 500kph

"What makes you believe that trains require any less security checks than a plane? Sure, today that might be the case but when you think about it both are equally vulnerable to terrorist attacks"

You can't fly a train into a building. Besides, a terrorist attack on a train won't have the same psychological effect (which is kinda the goal of terrorists)

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