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Comment Re:Does This Make Sense? (Score 1) 318 318

Hydro-Quebec (wonder where that name comes from) generates most of its power using, guessed it, Hydro. We also had Gentilly which was a Candu nuclear plant (shut down in 2012). What's nice about that design is it can use waste fuel from other reactor types

Comment Re:At the same time (Score 2) 323 323

"The Commodore, like the Apple ][, was a 6502 machine. Neither of these had anything to do with Microsoft, which was only working with the 8080 instruction set. "

Wrong on both counts. Commodore's BASIC interpreter was written by Microsoft. Apple's Applesoft was also written by Microsoft (albeit much slower than Integer BASIC).

Integer BASIC is the one Woz wrote (by himself)

"If a computer can't directly address all the RAM you can use, it's just a toy." -- anonymous comp.sys.amiga posting, non-sequitir