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Submission + - Why Crazy Still Trumps Facts on the Internet (cio.com)

Curseyoukhan writes: The internet was going to be great. It was going to be the place where good information drove out bad, where facts would vanquish lies. Instead it seems to have made the situation worse. The Flat Earth Society has come back from the dead. Survivors of Sandy Hook and Aurora are electronically harassed by people who congregate at sites explaining how it was all a government conspiracy. And that's just the tip of the Illuminati pyramid. So what happened?

Comment Re:Over-rated (Score 1) 385

If your children excel academically in any way I would say that helping them develop socially is your greatest challenge. Most intellectuals, genius or not, really struggle with that facet of life. I know I did. I'm not saying I'm really smart of by any means a genius or something, I'm just saying that I was one of those nerdy kids that really *loved* math and science and was largely ostracized by most kids because of it.

Comment No degree needed (Score 1) 266

You don't need a degree to do programming, web, development or syadmin type jobs. What you need is experience. Lots of it. experience.experience.experience. That's what the last 17 odd years in development taught me. I have no formal education at all, self taught all the way and I'm pretty good at what I do (if I do say so myself) You are going to have to prove yourself in the beginning, but once you gain their trust along with some good solid experience, nothing can stand in your way if you persevere. It's easier if you have a passion for it. Good luck.

Comment The end? (Score 1) 922

I dont want to sound cynical but is free speech really just a concept nowadays? When will our erosion of rights end? Are we slowly creeping towards a state where we will get so fed up we revolt? I guess the majoriy always wins and thats sad when its the majority being denied and they dont even realise it. I guess in a world with billions 1 guy or a 1000 guys or whatever the minority is it doesnt matter as long as its not you. Maybe thats whats wrong with democracy. It doesnt cater for minorities too. Anyways juat my 2c

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