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Comment More fun projects (Score 1) 140

I think doing sorting algorithms, math problems and string manipulation hardly counts as "fun" when it comes to programming. Rather get them to do some ascii animations (walk, wave, punch methods), ascci men, ascci dogs and birds etc. What about simplistic clones of zork? (lots of if else logic, multidimensional arrays perhaps). I have found that to get students (at least younger ones) interested in programming staying away from the more formal cs examples is the way to go. Doing these more challenging game like projects, although slightly harder will eventually incorporate the more formal sorting, searching, string manipulation excercises into them anyway without them being the actual focus. They will be so distracted in that they are making a small game, they wont even notice their learning the formal stuff.

Submission + - Why Crazy Still Trumps Facts on the Internet (

Curseyoukhan writes: The internet was going to be great. It was going to be the place where good information drove out bad, where facts would vanquish lies. Instead it seems to have made the situation worse. The Flat Earth Society has come back from the dead. Survivors of Sandy Hook and Aurora are electronically harassed by people who congregate at sites explaining how it was all a government conspiracy. And that's just the tip of the Illuminati pyramid. So what happened?

Comment Re:Over-rated (Score 1) 385

If your children excel academically in any way I would say that helping them develop socially is your greatest challenge. Most intellectuals, genius or not, really struggle with that facet of life. I know I did. I'm not saying I'm really smart of by any means a genius or something, I'm just saying that I was one of those nerdy kids that really *loved* math and science and was largely ostracized by most kids because of it.

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