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Comment: Re:You are free to have killer robots (Score 1) 318

You act as if the Geneva conventions are a black and white issue, but the people fighting our troops are not soldiers of any UN recognized state-- or recognized by any individual state, for that matter. Also, the rules apply to any signatory nation, even when in conflict with a non-signatory, but only if the latter agrees to accept and apply the conventions. I'd say hacking off the heads of nearly every civilian and POW that comes into their hands as an implicit non-acceptance, and definite non-application. Thus, it's difficult to apply all the rules. I also need to point out if they indeed are soldiers, then the act of putting them in Gitmo itself is, as a POW camp, perfectly legal. Alleged torture is, of course, not.

Comment: Re:someone explain for the ignorant (Score 1) 448

by operagost (#49087471) Attached to: Credit Card Fraud Could Peak In 2015 As the US Moves To EMV
This is why the statistics on this article are bogus. The banks in Europe claim C&P is foolproof, so if your money is stolen it's "the user's fault", and it's not "fraud". Kind of like how our unemployment rate in the USA is so low because they decided that people who gave up looking for work don't count, and people who are working 20-30 hours a week do.

Comment: Re: Nothing is possible. (Score 1) 249

by operagost (#49073729) Attached to: Game Theory Calls Cooperation Into Question

I don't even know where you're going with 'personal liberty.' The economic system has so little to do with what you're allowed to say, which god you're allowed to worship, or how you spend your free time as to be completely orthogonal.

We have three essential freedoms: life, liberty, and property. Taxes reduce our property, so their use must be as guarded as are the limits on the other two. You almost hit on it with your last example; indeed, if I choose to spend my free time in an activity that I can no longer afford due to high taxation, that's a clear negative impact due to the economic system.

Comment: Burst Forth, Publish Your Policy Report! (Score 5, Insightful) 213

If you look at this list, the majority of these problems are man-made. Other than a super volcano and an asteroid impact, the solution seems pretty simple. We must abandon all technology and kill all but a small percentage of the population. And those that are left must live in isolated groups. That way there will not be a world wide disease outbreak.

Yep, that's the only option. There's nothing between doing nothing and that option. It's all we have. And if anyone starts to talk about mitigation strategies, planning ahead of time or devoting a single cent of taxpayer money toward preparing for it, we are just all going to have a meltdown and throw a tantrum with teabags on our hats. Thank god we have these strawman arguments for what these ivory tower Oxford elitists are telling us to do: eliminate the human race to protect the human race. I cannot believe they would actually come to that conclusion but there it is, right in the article. Those environmentalists will have us starving in mud huts by the end of the month if we just sit by and let this academic report go unabated and without criticism!

*tortured sigh*

+ - Something Resembling "The Wheel of Time" Aired Last Night on FXX->

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn (898314) writes "If you didn't partake in the DDOS attack on Dragonmount as fans tried to figure out just what the %&#% was going on last night, you should probably prepare yourself for Billy Zane filled disappointment and watch a curious pilot covering the prologue of "Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan that apparently aired around 01:30 AM Eastern time on FXX. The reviews of said pilot are unkind and appear to contain question marks all the way down starting with Jordan's Widow disavowing its authorization. The world of film and TV development is a confusing one but it appears that NBC initially bought options to turn it into a mini series which were then optioned by Universal/Red Eagle Entertainment in conjunction with Red Eagle Games to do a coordinated release. Red Eagle games announced a combined effort with Jet Set games and around 2012 began releasing information on an "Aiel War" project to target mobile gaming platforms. But that appeared to die with its failed kickstarter attempt. It is suspected that Red Eagle Entertainment is behind the odd FXX airing last night. Was this an eleventh hour "use it or lose it" move by Red Eagle Entertainment without Universal's knowledge? In any case, it was a secretive, odd, low-budget, disappointing start to The Wheel of Time in film."
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