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Comment Re:If you think Windows is bad (Score 2) 310 310

It was those fat French* who demanded that Microsoft deliver an OS without a web browser at all, wasn't it?

* I'll assume Gerard Depardieu represents all French people, just like McDonalds represents all American cuisine and heavy drinking represents all Irish.

Comment Have We Lost the War to Quid Pro Quo Complacency? (Score 3) 337 337

Time and time again I see news articles that seem to herald the idea that users are willing to sacrifice something like privacy for the use of software. Take Facebook for an example. You get a robust and snappy storage and website for communication at the cost of control over your life and privacy. And as I try to explain to people the tradeoffs most of them seem to be complacent. Even I myself use GMail, there's just no better mail service. Even if there were, I'd have to run the server from my home to be sure that I'm in control in it and it's truly free (by your definition). So given that much of the populace isn't even prepared technologically to harness truly free software, don't you think they have slowly accepted the trade offs and that the pros of your arguments -- though sound -- are only possibly realized by those skilled enough to edit source code or host their own mail server from their home?

Comment Companies Selling Actually Free Software? (Score 5, Interesting) 337 337

I found your piece on selling free software to be pretty logical on paper. However, has it ever worked in the wild? Can you name companies or revenues that currently operate on this idea (and I'm not talking about services or support of the software)? I simply can't come up with a widely used monetized piece of software licensed under the GNU GPL whereby the original software was sold at a single price and shipped with the source code -- free for the original purchaser to distribute by the license's clauses. Can you list any revenue generation from that? I must admit I'm not exactly enamored with paying for free software (as in your definition of free) before it's written yet I cannot think of any other way this would fairly compensate the developer.

Comment Re:Under what authority? (Score 2) 298 298

Agreed. It clearly comes under federal purview, since he was in another state and using telecommunications. Imagine if the Hammond leadership decided it didn't like Bill Cosby and ordered the local TV stations and cable companies to block his TV shows and movies. This is the same thing.

Comment Re:Two birds with one stone (Score 1, Insightful) 571 571

I can see you're a single-issue kinda guy.

So the fact that she broken government regulations and hid confidential emails on her personal server doesn't bother you?

The fact that she dismissed the disastrous terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi doesn't bother you?

Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 1, Troll) 571 571

Everyone else is selfish and shortsighted, but you're not-- right?

Shouldn't we collectively agree on what is needed, before we collectively decide to pay for them? Is this a democratic republic?

Some people, like myself, buy green energy and reduce our energy use because we want to. We don't insist on taking money from hard working people so that the wealthy can install solar panels on their 3,000 sq ft homes and the green energy cronies can make millions.

Comment Re:What are they going to replace with? (Score 1) 483 483

OK, now I read your followup. You really are a knucklehead. Not only have we had setback thermostats for ages, the Nest can adjust heating and cooling based on occupancy. It will learn when you are in the house, and in specific rooms. A simple Google search would tell you this. But apparently, you've only lived in old houses with radiators and single zones, and think nothing has changed because obviously, the HVAC fairy would have come along to rip out all that crap and upgrade it for free.

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