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Comment Re:Who is whipslash? (Score 1) 91

Looks like you're a marketing guy who sold VOIP and hosted some chintzy tourist sites.. Good luck with that one. I only hope that you paid so little for these sites that you don't feel the need to monetize them any further than to pay the bills and mortgage and make what simple improvements are necessary.

That said, I welcome our new /. overlords.

Comment Re:Uhmmmm (Score 2) 620

Funny, but obviously they're looking for something electronic or at least with a series of modern replacements that have long ago decremented the item to oblivion. Or should have. Somehow that dang thing is still critical and chugging along.

In recent days, I've used WinNT4 machines in a manufacturing environment, and there are a few machines with relay logic in our machine shop. I've heard of a handful of machines still surviving from the early 1950s to WW2 days, but they're few and far between, and most of those are probably gone by now.

Comment Re:Actually it's both. (Score 1) 360

It's not atmospheric pressure, it's internally induced pressure due to buoyancy differences, which are normally created due to gravity and a connection that is rigid enough to withstand the internally induced pressure. If you have a closed system of two non-rigid containers connected by a rigid body, then the fluid will try to flow in the direction of its buoyancy. Helium balloons connected internally by a straw (even a curvy one) would try to fill the higher balloon, right?

So yeah, he's right that in the absence of gravity, a normal siphon will not work. But, if you took that siphon system on the ISS and put one end outside in space, and one inside, you'll have a siphon-like effect due to air pressure. Likewise, if you take two balloons of water with a rigid connector and submerge one in a pool of Hg, then that "siphon" will work against gravity. :D

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