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Comment: Re:Yep that's why I avoid extensions (Score 3, Informative) 208

by gerardolm (#30175950) Attached to: Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Firefox Extensions

Oh, advertising on /.'s comments?

Partnership Program

The Ad Muncher partnership program allows you to refer people to an address like:


and receive 20% of all purchases later made by those people. For more information please visit the partnership program website.

"foropera" is just his partner alias. Sad.

Comment: Re:Shouldn't exist anyway; that's what URNs are fo (Score 1) 224

by gerardolm (#30103068) Attached to: URL Shorteners Get Some Backup

What? There's no need to change any of the "means" of transmission. When a person reads an sms and a) copies the link to his/her PC browser or b) tells the phone to follow that link, does it matter that the TEXT in the link is "http://bit.ly/asdfasdf" or "short://0923abf84"? Nope, it doesn't. Any device connected to the internet can use any of the theoretical URN to URL mappers (there are tons and tons of research papers written on this and how DNS is crippling the web, etc.) I'm just way too tired to explain any further, but, please, next time you try to make a point, make sure you do have one.

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