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by geohump (#42469651) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can I Explain To a Coworker That He Writes Bad Code?

No, I've seen code like that and it is HARMFUL to have it in your project.

This person is going to slow down or hurt the project. When do you do something about it? At the very earliest point that you can. If they won't change their coding style, give them a task that doesn't involve coding.

True confession: I've written code like that and included it in a project -

Why - Standard reason, there's never time to do it right. There's only time to do it over.

It starts out when you want to quickly test out some bit of code so you put it inline within another function instead of doing the overhead work of adding another file to a project, compile - repeat.. etc until you end up with a giant monoglob of crap.

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require each student to turn on their undo to a bazillion undo's .
have them turn in the finished photoshop project,  the entire thing
then the teacher should be able to undo all the way back to the original step by step and then replay all the steps (using redo) to get to the final again.

Just hold down ctrl-Z and watch

Works in GIMP anyway.

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This is about Science Fiction. Most depressing SCIENCE FICTION books/stories you've read.Yet, most of you idiots are going on about non science fiction books.There is a difference between science fiction and non science fiction, yet most of you do NOT understand that.This is depressing because I came here to hopefully learn about some new books that would be good to read, and I get stupid peeps talking about normal fiction books.seriously peeps, science fiction. not fucking fiction.

Yes, the difference is that pure fiction takes place in the cosmos the author lives in.
Fantasy takes place in cosmos that have magic active in them.

Science fiction is fiction that explores the implications of different possible worlds of humanity based on the way we use technology, or what technology can allow us to do. Sometimes this means space westerns (Serenity! EESmith etc) and sometimes its deeply profound sociological exegesis. (LeGuin).
It does not have to have rockets or space lasers in it. In fact the best SF I have ever read didn't (and yes, despite that, I loved EE Doc Smith's Lensman series, :)

Responding to your inside reference; I am not a number. I am a free man. Hah, we wish. Which was the entire point of the conclusion of that series.

Be seeing you.

No. You won't.

J. hand me that flashy thingey.

Pull out sunglasses.

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two things to say about this:

You have kids? You Damn well better make sure they know how to swim. You're the parent, that's your job!

You have a pool? All the places I've lived in, here in the US, local laws required you to have a fence around the pool.

TEN people die from drowning everyday (USA). Many times that number are rescued, BUT - require further care for severe brain damage that result in long-term disabilities and permanent loss of basic functioning (e.g., permanent vegetative state).

1 IN 5 who die from drowning are CHILDREN. For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries.1 (from )

Even if the local laws don't require a fence, having one lowers your liability against lawsuits when a drunk neighbor (teenager?) decides to go swimming one night while you're away. (Concept of "attractive nuisance?, maybe)

Anyone ever heard of the Wegmans grocery store chain? Based in upstate New York? Family owned, Great store's, great family, great people. How many companies provide health care and child care for cashiers?

Wanna see the family compound that holds the pool they lost one of their kids in? Nevermind. The water in a pool, lake, stream, river or ocean doesn't care how rich, smart, or pretty you are. once you go in, you better know how to get yourself out.

Water safety: Make sure your kids know how to swim. Make sure the pool is fenced, If above ground, keep the outside ladder off, and the inside ladder, in. (Just in case a kid does get in, so they have a chance to get out).

Think of the children. Really.

(someday I will tell y'all the story of how my brother used Wegman's Stores to intimidate the commies back in the 1970's. Also, the 'garbage plate')

(I listened to a noise outside one night, had no idea what it was, next morning, found a squirrel floating in the pool. Ever since then, inside ladder stays in. )

[[ Squirrel's are the tiny terminators of wildlife, nothing stops them. I had one chew through a 1/8 in steel cable once, to take a bird feeder down! If they ever get organized, human life in suburbia will be over! ]] . >

Also - for your perusal:,mod=7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=child+drowning+pool

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> Everyone fears what is different from themselves,

No, not everyone.
As the prior commentor stated; Stupid people fear what they don't understand.
Many of us have learned to look at the things we don't understand as an opportunity to learn something new.

The policy of the French McDonalds is simply stupid beyond belief. There is no way that they can ever hope to prevent people from taking photos, videotaping or recording anything and everything that goes on in a public restaurant, especially a fast food restaurant like le McD's.

The more important question is why are they trying to?

My guess is that the restaurant is breaking some local Law and they don't any photographic proof of that act captured.

Given the prevalence of cell phones today, even the idea of having such a policy is foolishness.

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hmm, I'm not sure that your recitation matches my memory of what happened and what the timing around each event was.
I believe that Assange was headed to the UK before the charges were placed.

If I'm not mistaken, the charges are "sexual misconduct" and there seems to be some confusion about exactly what happened that caused the charge, as to if a condom was used and it broke or if no condom was used at all.

As to the timing of supposedly traveling back and forth between the women.... hadn't heard that at all.

What is clear, iirc he did sleep with two different women. he did use a condom the first time with each one, but when making love for the second time that night,{ here it gets unclear what happened} the partner was not fully awake and no condom was used, or it slipped off?

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You say "will" but the fact is, this has already happened. Ask a lawyer when the last time he hired an auditorium full of paralegals to do research?

That's the replacement of paralegals. Wrong question. The question was - When will lawyers be replaced? Please insert 3 quarters and try again. :-)

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In other news, the North Carolina legislature has passed a law decreeing that pi shall now be equal to 1 in all government contracts requiring engineering.

Additionally the legislature has passed a law requiring all homosexual men to undergo gender modification surgery and that any extra bits left over be affixed to any women who are not heterosexual.

And finally one additional law was created requiring that all boxes of soap labeled "Tide" shall be kept to the back of shelves in all stores. This bill was referred to as "Holding the Tide back".

The reason for passing these laws was that NC apparently feels itself to be in competition with SC.

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You have a skill that is highly desired in China, You speak english like an American native.

Speaking english is a -highly- desired skill in China, so the need for people who can teach is correctly is paramount. It won't be programming, but you should be able to get a job teaching english, even though you can't speak any of the chinese languages.[Yes it is possible to teach english to people even if you don't speak their language.  Formal grammar instruction would be out, but vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation would be in.

If not teaching at a formal school, then tutoring small groups of students who already have some english skills, on "native english" could be a sellable skill as well. Perhaps even more than teaching at a school.

In the meantime, start learning some Mandarin. Its not that hard.

Zài jiàn for now.

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." -- Bertrand Russell