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Comment: Re:Same Thing Almost Happened to Me (Score 2) 536

If wired broadband internet is a critical feature of any house you buy, verify before you buy.

What verification steps can you possibly take beyond what he did? Hack into their computers to determine if there really had been service at that address?

Obviously, all that is necessary is to order the service, rather than fruitlessly engaging in this ridiculous "verification" ritual. Schedule the damn install, and see what happens. If they show up, you can reschedule. If they don't, don't buy the house.

Comment: Re:solar and wind are just proxies for natural gas (Score 1) 437

The math is very clear. What isn't clear to you is the history of nuclear power. The only reason the US invested so much in nuclear power in the 1950s is because someone massively overestimated the need for fuel for bombs. A single plant could have produced enough fuel for nuclear weapons, yet we built 110 or so of them. It really isn't fair to ask why solar hasn't quiet yet overtaken nuclear because of the massive investment in nuclear from 1940-1970. Had a fraction of the capital invested in nuclear been diverted to solar R&D in the 1950's, you better believe solar would be everywhere you could imagine now, and cheaper than spit. Only since the call for alternative energies has commercial interests taken up development of solar power. In the last 10 years alone, there have been massive advances in solar manufacturing processes and the efficiency of photovoltaics. Give it 10 more years, and nuclear will be a joke, unable to compete with solar, which is very nearly at cost of energy parity right now. Solar isn't perfect, and is no free lunch. But it is simpler, available to anyone and not just rich governments to implement, and as I said, in very short order solar generated energy will be cheaper than nuclear generated energy.

Comment: Re:solar and wind are just proxies for natural gas (Score 4, Insightful) 437

Nuclear power is the answer. I know someone is going to point out the nuclear waste that comes from nuclear power now.

Yes, waste is a concern. But the real concern is the economics of nuclear energy has never made any sense. It is outrageously expensive, and never has a nuclear power plant been able to have been built without massive capital from governments. An individual can install wind and solar and other alternative energies on a local scale. There are solvable problems involved. Eventually, the problem of energy storage will be solved. But the problem with nuclear power, which is that is the most expensive form of energy ever conceived, will never be solved. Nuclear energy proponents ignore this, but it is the only thing standing in the way of your dream of nuclear power being the solution to the world's energy needs: its just too damn expensive. Money wins every time.

Comment: Re:HOWTO (Score 1) 1081

by catmistake (#49260113) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

and how many innocents had their lives taken by it.

This and this alone invalidates the death penalty in all circumstances, according to Blackstone's Formulation.

But it goes much deeper. Statistics prove the death penalty does not deter crime. Many have been executed, yet we still have murders and violent crime. Those who commit murder do not care about life, and thus the threat of a death penalty will not deter them from their committed acts.

Due to appeals, lawyers fees, court costs, the death penalty is far more expensive than keeping a convict in prison for life.

And the coup de gras, the death penalty is overwhelmingly biased towards killing black men, many whom have been shown to be innocent after it was carried out... the stats don't lie, the death penalty is racist.

If only those voting for the political Right would put their economic interests first, there would be no GOP, no nanny/police state, no unregulated out-of-control capitalist interests destroying our planet, and no inneffective, expensive, and racist death penalty.

Comment: Re:This ex-Swatch guy doesn't have a clue (Score 1) 389

the model that goes on sale on April 24th will be nothing like the updated version that catapults it to mainstream popularity.


Apple competitors have had an actual watch that is a phone, no tethering to any other device necessary, on the market already for a year or two, at least. Apple is obviously going that direction, but can't quite get it to be the size they want yet... so they left the obvious killer function out for now, and are misdirecting the expected criticism of the absence of this function with all this haptic feedback stuff, a flashy interface and oooo checks my pulse wow. When Apple finally does release an actual watch phone, everyone will act like Apple invented it or at least perfected it... five years after you could have had that function (but not slick Apple design) from another tech company.

IMO, the entire idea is flawed if Apple expects it to carry the company's success through another decade. Apple is a hardware company, not a jewelry company. Apple is completely ignoring its actual customers (education and home computing markets) to go after the high hanging fruit. I think Apple needs a product to compete here, but I don't think they should expect great things at the expense of their bread and butter products. Those that buy expensive watches know a thing or two that Apple apparently does not: a good watch is a good investment. There are no good digital watches that appreciate. They're not going to get the high hanging fruit, i.e. new customers that were former Breitling customers. They're going to get the same customers they've always had, their loyal customers Apple keeps ignoring. I know this because I have been a loyal Apple customer for more than 20 years, and I have salivated over each new product... brainwashed maybe... but this... idk what this thing is... I am so stunned by it, it has deprogrammed me. Its having the same effect on me as if Apple was releasing a rectal thermometer as their new flagship product, a beautifully designed thermometer that doesn't yet give you a temperature and only works in conjuction with your iPhone.

Comment: Re:Except inflation (Score 1) 226

by catmistake (#48947101) Attached to: There Is No "You" In a Parallel Universe

Except, it does... Inflation dictates the spatial dimensions occupied by the observable universe and distribution of matter within it.

Inflation does no such thing!! It is ridiculous to even suggest that the most convenient hypothesis thus imaginable, twisted and dressed to match an anthropomorphic observation, from an anthropomorphic vantage point, that is only part of a model within the current accepted paradigm has any authority over long past events, if they even occurred, or any authority whatsoever over the Universe, other than to help deny other ideas and hypothesis from surfacing for mere consideration that do not fit within the accepted current paradigm. Many often make this mistake of getting carried away with the difference between objective reality and the very human attempts to shoehorn it into our larger ideas or understanding, that we're pretty sure are correct, but for all of the arrogance of science, it could in fact just be a very well orchestrated gag.

Comment: Re:Censorship? (Score 1) 420

by catmistake (#48881617) Attached to: Blogger Who Revealed GOP Leader's KKK Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut

I would expect the average slashdotter to be able to cut through the partisan crap a bit better than this

Nothing I can find above this thread started by AC is even relevant to the story.

To their credit, Scalise's press guy did fess up that it was true, and explained what he was doing there, IIRC, running workshops on being more tolerant (I could be completely wrong, and the press guy could be lying, but no one is talking about this).

Also, its amazing how much of Republican movement is complete negative, unhelpful garbage, putting sticks in the spokes of Democratic movement just because the Dems thought up something good and tried to get it done. Elected Democrats seem to focus on trying to do something, while elected Republicans seem to be obsessed trying to prevent them. The Dems are weak because they get tripped up over the Republicans BS. And when something like this comes up, Dems serving Republicans their own medicine, the Republicans go ape shit. US politics is like slapstick comedy. The absurdity of it all is no more clear once its recognized that the vast majority of those voting Republican are voting against their own political and economic interests. If you make less than $250K/yr, why are you hurting yourself, your family, and your chances of ever reaching that income by voting against your own personal economic interests? Not that all Republicans are dumb, far from it, but without these morons voting agaisnt their interest, there would be no Republican Party.

My cousin explained it well (if I can remember this right). Say there is only $100 and 100 people. Democrats want to give 5 guys $5, and distribute the remaing $75 to the other 90. The Republicans want to give 1 guy $99, and distribute the remaing dollar to the other 99.

I'm anxious to see what the new Republican Congress actually positively accomplishes, new stuff, as opposed to how much time they spend tearing down what was accomplished by the anemic previously Democratic Congress.

I've been unpartisan, independent my entire adult life. I see nothing compelling from either party to lead me to take sides. One side is a bully, the other side is bullied. Both sides, for these reasons, offend me.

Comment: Re:Censorship? (Score 1) 420

by catmistake (#48881515) Attached to: Blogger Who Revealed GOP Leader's KKK Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut

At least one study suggests that gun owners are more likely to be racist.

More importantly, as opposed to the unarmed, gun owners are far more likely to shoot someone, intentionally, unintentionally, justly, unjustly, or otherwise. For some reason, it seems that individual gun owners always disagree with this obvious fact, because "they know" their weapon better than anyone else. I'll shut up when they stop shooting people.

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